December 2013 Newsletter

Happy Holidays & Events in 2014

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year period.

This year is fast running out and so we have now wound up our events programme for 2013.  We now take a well earnt rest from group events till February 2014.

We will publish in January our intended events schedule for 2014.  If you have a Christmas crisis then also feel free to contact us for support.

In February we will start 2 new support groups. The first support group will be run fortnightly on a Wednesday evening for survivors of Narcissistic partners, parents or workplace authority figures, and allow them to get support, clarity and guidance in a group setting where places are limited to 8 persons.

The second will be run on the alternate Wednesday evening for survivors of partners, parents or workplace authority figures affected by trauma, including possible Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The same approach will apply to this second support group.

These two new support groups reflect a need identified by our clients in 2013 and to further their healing and understanding around living or having lived with such personalities. Each group runs from 6pm to 8pm on the established Wednesday and costs $60 per session.

These support groups will be run according to demand but those joining must commit to attend at least 6 sessions preferably in sequence but a person may miss one session in the block of six.

These two support groups will accept applications to join via email to our website with a brief email outlining why you want to join the support group concerned and brief particulars about your own personal dynamic with another person of the type the support group concerns itself with.

Changing Gear!!  The Way to Shift from Negativity and Hold Positivity in an Abiding Way

There is a general understanding that the stresses of our modern way of life can be the basis to generate a generalised form of negativity in each one of us.  There are a number of common ways how this negativity can arise and then become ingrained in the personality of a person.

For some of us we may have grown up in a negative family system. By this what I mean is that some of us were born into a family where our parents and maybe grandparents were pessimistic, critical or negative about life.

Their attitudes, beliefs, conclusions about life, and negative emotional tone then soaked into us through a natural subconscious process we call mirroring and modelling. We as children are sponges who soak up the ways of being of our caregivers as well as those beliefs and attitudes.

We may think consciously that we act from our own adult free will when we grow into adults but in fact we notice over time that we become more and more like our parents as we get older. Where our caregivers were negative we run a major risk of becoming negative or critical ourselves as a consequence.

You can notice this effect in families as often you will notice how the same limiting negative belief systems are held across each generation from grandparents to parents to children. It is a negative emotional plague that travels down family systems and becomes a characteristic trait of those family members.

What is curious is that one or two members will not succumb and end up negative despite living in the same environment and circumstances as those who do succumb to this negative outcome. However they may find themselves unconsciously attracted to major life and business partners who are this negative or critical archetype and so recreate an unconsciously familiar living environment that resembles what they grew up in themselves.

This outcome is from what we call systemic origins with the family being seen as a system hence the term systemic. Some negative or critical persons did not become negative due to systemic dynamics but perhaps more personal dynamics with parents, siblings or authority figures such as teachers when growing up.

To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled Changing Gear!!  The Way to Shift from Negativity and Hold Positivity in an Abiding Way 

Men Facing Their Depression

Stress anxiety and depression are all related and feed off each other. Depression is considered the second biggest health issue in the 21st century.  Given pain is rated the biggest issue and pain is a physical phenomenon then one can say that depression is THE biggest mental health issue facing us all in our current era.

A 2013 study by the Australian Psychological Association revealed that Australian workers are facing decreasing wellbeing and increasing stress in their lives and workplaces.  They reported more depression and anxiety symptoms than when the last survey was conducted in 2011.

If you are a man then the odds are already stacked against you. Men typically are prone to suffer depression at a rate of twice that of women. One of the key reasons is that men have been conditioned to ignore and numb out to their feelings, and that includes feeling depressed.

In our society men are told to "toughen up!!". The weak get rejected, get fired, get bullied, get labelled and named, and may get into what they perceive is a new set of problems if they own, admit or speak up about what issues they are carrying or what feelings they have about those issues.   Many men feel they have no outlet to safely admit and discuss their feelings and thoughts.

To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled Men Facing their Depression


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Enjoy your month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

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