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In the next few weeks the Energetics Institute is hosting the following events - (click on the green wording for more detailed information on related website pages.)

Narcissism and Borderline Personality Workshop January 28 & 29
Free Introductory Talk Monday February 13
Process Group - Feb to May February 15 to May 23
Healthy Relationships Workshop March 10 & 11

Welcome to 2012!

Integral ModelAnother year over and a new one’s just begun. Those immortal words of John Lennon have a certain resonance to me at this time of year. His song Happy Xmas (War is Over) challenges each one of us to examine what we are doing in our lives and to imagine a better future for ourself and humanity.

I always start the year by reflecting on my plan and goals I set this time last year and notice how far I have come in the year, and what is still to be achieved, and what I changed along the way. A key part of mindfulness in life is having goals and having a plan to achieve those goals.

I am surprised by the number of my clients who have neither in their life. The old saying that we plan to achieve or we are just planning to fail, is a wisdom. Many people find having a plan for their next year, next 3 years, and next 5 years too daunting to consider. Still others see the merit but ingrained habits of procrastination see them fail to act on creating any written plan.

I also find a number of people with very complicated financial plans and wealth plans but absolutely no plan for all other 12 or more dimensions in life.  Such people often achieve their financial goals but sabotage their lives as they lose partners, families and their health through obsession in just one dimension in life.

Society promotes such one dimensional thinking with the Transformation gurus set who emphasis quick fix schemes of transformation of lifestyle to wealth and success. I have attended a number of these spruikers who narcissistically boast to their followers of the number of Porsche cars they drive, and how they are burdened by wondering where to stash and invest all their money.

True wealth, success and happiness can only be a multi-dimensional outcome. I have a system of 14 key dimensions in life that have equal merit but maybe not equal emphasis right now in your life. The conscious reflection and planning across such 14 dimensions is a sound and holistic way to start to plan your life in a sustainable and interconnected way that will truly reveal the obstacles and constraints around whatever you may come up with as a vision.

In a superficial age of Narcissism and Materialism the truly wise know how to see beyond the superficiality of the total identification of things external to yourself, and instead to look at one’s inner resources and dimensions as well, and to devote time to I (individual), we (relationships), us (community) and It (process/systems/knowledge).

This model is basically the Integral model of Ken Wilber and a model that I utilise in therapy, coaching, planning and life. It breaks one out of the Narcissistic tendency that keep many people basically stuck in just an “I” quadrant of limited consciousness and success potential.

A good way to start your year would be to start a life plan. Think about the Integral 4 dimensions of life that I have mentioned above and sit down and write a plan. It does not need to be a work of art so follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle.

Alternatively drop me an email or give me a ring and check in for a few sessions of coaching and life planning to kick start your year using my own 14 dimensional life plan. Remember you cannot achieve goals if you have not set the goals up before you start. Everything else is just unconscious outcome and not a guarantee for success.

The Role of Emotions in Healing and Health

Emotions and the Human BodyBasic emotions are fundamental powers of the human body and mind and have key roles in determining mental and physical health, as well as associated disorders that can afflict us. For a long time emotions were side-lined by science, medicine and mainstream psychology as unquantifiable and therefore irrelevant parts of the human condition.

The recent attention being paid to the role of the emotional life of humans place emotions front and centre in their capacity to heal, to transform and to inform other basic cognitive and physical processes of the body and mind. The conclusion is that counselling and therapy cannot afford to exclude the emotional component of clients in any facet of work that seeks to change reality, reframe reality, or to deal with affective disorders.

Neuroscience has discovered and confirmed that each one of us is hardwired in our brains and nervous systems to be social, to connect with one another. The medium through which this happens is our emotions. Connection to others is an embodied process and so we cannot continue to use old mainstream psychology principles of reductionism to separate out our emotions from our bodies, brains, minds and consciousness.

The problem with medicine and psychology has always been the over-reliance of separating out aspects of self (reductionism) instead of viewing a person as a whole (holism). Emotions became secondary to rational and logical mental aspects of self in these disciplines as the flawed concept of “evidence based” science and psychology only allowed rational and logical mental outcomes to be valid and of consideration.

Emotions did not fit the reductionistic template and so were ignored in medical and psychological frameworks. This old flawed thinking ignored the fact that just because an aspect of self did not fit into “evidence based” frameworks then it did not matter or was relevant. Modern neuroscience and medicine now understands that emotions are central to mental and physical health.

What was wrong was the limited application of reductionistic thinking and frameworks when applied to complex and totally interdependent beings that we are. Science and psychology tried it and failed in terms of being able to appreciate and understand how humans operate, function and find health. The failure of traditional psychology to heal many people of many conditions was largely a result of starting out with a flawed model to diagnose and clinically work with people.

In 2012 we find that after many years of denouncing and ignoring many bodily and emotionally inclusive modalities of healing and psychology, mainstream science and psychology is now embracing these age old wisdoms as “new science”. Neuroscience was the elephant in the room that used the old evidence based templates of science, medicine and psychology to prove that the emotional elephant in the room was a fact.

For a fuller version of this article I refer you to our new article The Role of Emotions in Healing and Health.

Welcome to Tina (Athina) Carthian, Core Energetics Body Psychotherapist, Melbourne, Victoria

Tina CarthianWell, what a great way to start the New Year 2012, and launching myself off the springboard, at this time open my new practice in Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria. I have been practicing in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne for over five years, specialising in the areas of workplace stress, pain management and trauma resolution.  I have a particular interest in helping individuals developing internal resilience and expressing their natural vitality in a creative and dynamic way.

This time of year can be very exciting for some people as they immerse themselves into an exciting New Year, but for others it can submerge them into feelings of depression, overwhelm and anxiety as they look at the New Year ahead.  The end of a year is always a mad rush to get everything done, followed by indulgence and celebrations and the expectation that a new year will be bigger and better. When people return to work after being on holidays their expectations are often not met and they might be feeling challenged and overwhelmed.  Some people might need help with clarifying and identifying their values and others may need help identifying incentives which will help motivate them through the challenges faced in a new year.  There are some practical, emotional and physical things that can be addressed to make this transition into the new year a lot smoother, manageable and even enjoyable.

Good mental and physical health isn't something you have, but something you do. To be mentally and physically healthy you must value and accept yourself. This means that:

  • You care about yourself and you care for yourself. You love yourself, not hate yourself. You look after your physical health – eat well, sleep well, exercise and enjoy yourself.
  • You see yourself as being a valuable person in your own right. You don't have to earn the right to exist. You exist, so you have the right to exist.
  • You judge yourself on reasonable standards. You don't set yourself impossible goals, such as 'I have to be perfect in everything I do', and then punish yourself when you don't reach those goals.

Body Psychotherapy helps people deal with their concerns not only through talking, but also by helping people become deeply aware of their bodily sensations as well as their emotions, images and behavioural patterns. Clients become more conscious of how they breathe, move, speak, and are more aware of feelings in their bodies. With the sessions I offer, you could enjoy my dynamic and creative signature Body Psychotherapy treatment.  These sessions will help to create balance within your body mind, resolve deeply held issues and you will feel energised, focused and potentially find answers for your life.

I am available for private therapy sessions in Melbourne, Victoria. To contact me you can call me on 0419 575682 or send an email to tinaclearwater@bigpond.com.

I wish you all a wonderful 2012, filled with clarity, prosperity, joy and serenity.

Tina (Athina) Carthian

Join our Healing Process Group

Next month I will also be starting a new Summer/Autumn Process Group.  This will run fortnightly from February 15 to May 23, every second Wednesday night, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

One of the most effective ways to commence and deepen your healing is to join a Process Group of committed persons who fortnightly come together and leverage the power of group energy and group dynamics to take their healing to deeper levels. A group environment achieves an emotional and energetic container that one-on-one therapy cannot emulate.

Neuroscience has proven the power of the social brain of all of us in joining “the herd” as part of healing the socialisation trauma and reconnecting people into achieving proximity, contact and communication, and then social bonding with others. For some people these are key wounded parts of ourself that need repair and the participation in a group setting aids that healing process.

Process Groups utilise in part emotional expression. Emotional healing involves not just feeling one’s disowned emotions and feelings through the body but also creating effective regulation of those impulses, feelings and emotions. Emotions are used to heal and repair, to grow and to learn, and to connect to others as part of the social nature of our being.

One must feel and be in one’s emotions in order to regulate them, resolve them and release past held emotional wounds. One cannot use mental constructs such as reframing, rationalising or mentally compensating for emotions and feelings.

Emotional and feeling based therapy is always experiential, and embodied, and of course involves the top brain as the mental consciousness which arrives at the place of new consciousness as a result of the embodied therapy process.

I enjoy running Process groups for the deep healing they offer.  I interview each person who attempts to join as some people will not be suitable in such a group as it may be traumatising rather than healing. Such persons need primary one-on-one therapy work first before consideration for participating in such group work.

The Summer/Autumn Process Group kicks off in mid February and runs for 4 months and then takes a midyear break. People commit for that 4 month term, and can optionally elect to rejoin in July when we start again, or they can decline after the first 4 months commitment. If you are interested then do not procrastinate as I limit attendance to 8 attendees for the group dynamics and equity in the group.

Re-run of Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Workshop

At the recent Narcissistic/Borderline 2 day workshop it was expressed that I should again run this life-changing event for those who grew up with either a Narcissistic and/or Borderline personality parent, or who has endured one in relationship, at work or in some other significant dynamic in their life.

I have now run this event twice in 2 months but already have 6 people wanting me to run it in January 2012. I am happy to advise that I am again running this key event on the weekend of January 28 & 29 2012.

The people who attended this course rated it as one of the best they had ever attended in terms of the frameworks, concepts and then personal insights it gave them. The resulting schemas, tools and techniques have been found to be empowering in overcoming traumatisation and victimisation they have felt from the dynamics and abuse they encountered in their childhood and/or adult lives.

Places are limited at all of my workshops so everyone gets personal attention. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you wish to know more or book in as I will not be running this signature event again till late 2012.

Enjoy your month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

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