• Welcome To Energetics Institute

    We are a family run Psychotherapy and Counselling practice based in Perth. Our professional and empathetic Psychotherapists use a variety of therapy tools to treat a wide range of issues and conditions, including some of the following:

  • Psychotherapy & Counselling

    We offer a holistic approach to clients where the focus is on the inter-relationship between mind, body and emotions. Energetics Institute is at the cutting edge of body mind research and practice in Perth.

  • Services Provided

    Our experienced and personable Psychotherapists offer a wide range of specialised psychotherapy and counselling services for people in Perth. If you are looking for someone who can provide a solid intervention and give you practical help, feel free to contact us to get support and information.

Welcome to Energetics Institute

We are a family practice that was established in 2005 and we are located in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia. We are a husband and wife team, Richard and Helena Boyd, who are both the Directors and Psychotherapists at the Energetics Institute in Perth. We are empathetic, experienced and qualified Psychotherapists committed to respectful, ethical and professional Psychotherapy and Counselling solutions for our clients in Perth and in Western Australia.

All consultations with us are fully confidential from our discrete home practice in Inglewood, located only 5km from the Perth CBD.

Conditions Treated

We also provide some Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression. We have particular success using our Body Mind therapy in our Depression Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, and PTSD Treatment. Someone who presents with these conditions generally has restriction in the breath in the upper half of the body. There also tends to be an excess of energy in the head region contributing to worry and stress, and energy depletion in the lower half of the body. We can show you specific techniques to unlock and move energies, so you have more harmony in the body and peace of mind.

We treat a range of conditions including:

Psychotherapy and Counselling

We offer Psychotherapy and Counselling services for people experiencing personal, relationship, marriage and work related difficulties in Perth. We also address and effectively treat and heal the root causes of many conditions and symptoms.

Our therapy plan which incorporates both Psychotherapy and Counselling is customised to you and your needs. We use a range of tools including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help our clients.

Our objective is to enable you develop greater self awareness and strengthen your capacity to resolve emotional, personal and relationship issues.

Body Psychotherapy – Integrating Body and Mind

Our Body Psychotherapy approach provides a wholistic treatment where the focus is on the inter-relationship between your mind, body and emotions. The comprehensive BodyMind treatment we provide to our clients in Perth is unique, and reflects how we believe your body reflects your mind. Our Body Mind Psychotherapy is very effective at addressing and healing the root causes of many conditions, where Traditional Psychology and Counselling may be more limited.

A BodyMind therapist believes that the body is the subconscious mind, so will treat and heal many conditions in an embodied way, targeting mind, body and emotions. For a therapy approach to be successful, it needs to work on all levels of your being as a person, so there needs to be integration of body and mind.

Services Provided

Online Therapy

At the Energetics Institute, as well as offering Private Therapy in Perth, we also offer Online Counselling services to people living in remote and rural areas. This can be convenient if you unable to attend our practice or you have a very busy lifestyle.

We offer these services which can avail of, in the privacy and comfort of your own home:

Email Counselling Skype Counselling Phone Counselling

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Want to discuss how the Energetics Institute can help you with your counselling and psychotherapy needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss treatment options so we can assist you further.