About Our Psychotherapy Practice


IBMP provides BodyMind counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services for those experiencing personal, relationship, family and work related difficulties, in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia.

“Lisdoonvarna” is the brass name-plate on our circa 1915 Federation architecture residence. Here we are committed to providing a welcoming and quality of care, professional service within a stimulating but tranquil and respectful environment.

We aim to help you find happiness within yourself, so from there you can find happiness in your relationship to others. We are located within close proximity to Beaufort Street bus and Midland line train routes and has ample parking facilities.

Inside our practice, the ambience and colour and effects all combine in a positive calming way, yet at the same time the furnishings touch our unconscious with archetypes and symbols that already create the basis for facilitating change and bringing the unconscious to life. Science has proven the effect of colour, mood, environment and symbols as positive influences on the therapeutic process.

Our practice rooms are not sterile or rigid, they flow with an organised eclectic informality that relaxes as well as symbolises the eternal yin and yang energies of ourselves and nature. Varying needs for personal space are accommodated by a large room setting, and the rooms are a reflection of parts of both our masculine and feminine realities. Comfort and privacy are all part of the experience.


Want to discuss how the Energetics Institute can help you with your counselling and psychotherapy needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss treatment options so we can assist you further.