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Clearing Your Blocks and Traumas Workshop Saturday May 3
Family Constellations Workshop Saturday May 24
Healthy Relationships Workshop Saturday June 21

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Developmental Trauma and the Role of Resilience in Re-establishing Brain Integration

by Richard Boyd, Body Mind Psychotherapist, Energetics Institute, Perth, West Australia

Copyright 2014

Every child must undergo a rite of passage to become an adult. This journey is one that has become more complex in recent history due to the increasing complexity and challenges in their life and the lives of their parents.

There has been an explosion in the last 20 years of child learning disorders such as ADD and ADHD. There has also been a rise in childhood mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, speech and socialisation disorders.

These issues not only are exacerbated by the complexity and chaos in society and our parents, but there are other factors involved such as diet and health that also play a part.  We now know also that developmental issues such as developmental trauma can play a significant role in creating these problems in our children.

Developmental trauma is that incident, incidents or pattern of sustained behaviours that compromises the child's development and which stems of the actions or inactions of the caregivers and parents of that child. Developmental trauma typically occurs in the relational space between child and the parents.

There is an overall concern in our community that our children collectively are not all developing into healthy adults. As a result parents are looking for answers outside the domain of medication of their children for a solution.

There is reason to believe that parents do not possess the information they need to guide their parenting styles with their children. It is timely that the field of neuroscience has in the last 10 years now uncovered more detail about what happens in children around developmental trauma.

This research also is complementary to the concept of building resilience in our children as a potential way of creating health, as well as to repair any developmental trauma that has already occurred. Taken together these two educational threads create the basis to assist parents in being the parents they hope to be in offering their children the support they need to navigate childhood into adulthood.

To find out more, including some important types of resilience building activities that we can use to build resilience in children and adults, click the following link to read the full article  Developmental Trauma and the Role of Resilience in Re-establishing Brain Integration

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Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute



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