April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter



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One of the interesting and potentially destabilising dynamics a therapist may need to deal with in the therapy room is the client who relies on the advice of a psychic, clairvoyant or whom themselves “channels” their own line of information from a supernatural source. Society is full of people advertising their services in the capacity of divination, clairvoyance, seers, mediums and channelling.

All of these type of services invoke what I call the “God Complex” which is basically the relationship in a person’s life with an entity or a stream of information and disclosure which is from a higher authority than a human being. As a consequence of this special relationship there is a tendency on the part of the person receiving this information to either feel privileged, special, informed and whom tends to rely on this source of consciousness or information as the truth, even when it is not supported by any other information, or when their own senses, or logic, would challenge or question such information.

Some persons whom are deeply attached to their religion, spirituality or guru will tend to act in the same way, and this is often where cult behaviours can originate. It is surprising to what degree some adults are inclined to suspend their own adult critical thinking faculties and give their power away to their supernatural source of information, religious dogma, angel or person who channels or embodies this source of supreme information.

As a therapist I come across people who are deeply or at least dabbling in this dynamic in its many forms, or whom are deeply dependent on religion to guide their every thought, action, association or relationship in life. Sadly it is not always for the better of their psychology or spiritual development that they hold such a view or belief based on their special source of guiding truth.

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