Addictions are a major issue in society today. The nature of the human condition is that we can become addicted to almost any process, substance or experience, but there are a few whose nature has in them the basis to bind us into an addictive relationship with them.

Commonly we see and hear addictions to do with alcohol, recreational and prescription drugs, tobacco, food, work, sex, and the internet to name a few. We work with addictions where we see humans as having “addictive personalities”, and so bring the addiction back to an issue within the person, often related to abandonment and resulting anxiety, that can be treated and overcome.

In the BodyMind sciences we trace the wounding of a person who is more likely to be an “addictive personality” to the infant stage we call the “Oral Attachment” phase of the childhood development. This is not the only cause of addictions, as trauma can trigger subsequent addictions, but this childhood development phase is recognised as a primary cause of later adult personality addictiveness.

To understand adult addictions it is timely to feel free to research the Oral Attachment Phase of Childhood.

Copyright 2015 Richard Boyd


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