November 2015 Newsletter

spiritual-pathHi everyone,

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS inspired adherents is yet the latest confronting scene that the world must cope with. The mass carnage confronts every one of us in terms of how we conceive the heartlessness that lies in humans as well as how can such wanton death acts be justified under the banner of any religion.

The world has been alarmed in these uncertain times about the rise of radicalised Islamic youth as well as the related extremism of hate fuelled groups such as ISIS or Daesch as they are also known. This recent trend is totally counter to the general co-existence of three of the world’s great religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) over the last 2000 years, which has at times shifted between accommodation and division of each other.

Whilst religious wars have occurred all through history, each of these religions share some common ground with human interpretation being a thorn in the side of each belief system over the ages. It is true that each group also has a distinct body of belief and knowledge that is not shared and which is counter to the other groups and their beliefs.

This month we look at how the eastern perspective of dualism and embodiment offer all the world’s great religions a perspective and practice that can promote the co-existence along peaceful lines as was the case in Israel 200 years ago. Refer to our article The Common Ground of Inner Spiritual Practice.

We now have our new Energetics Institute website up and running and so we have recently loaded up another 30 short informational “snack” articles on key topics, bodymind science topics, or about psychotherapy.

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Have a safe and heart filled month!!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

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