Prostitution Addiction

Prostitution has existed in every civilization and in every age of man. Not all people who avail themselves to the services of prostitution are sex addicts.

Prostitution Addiction serves the needs of some lonely persons, disabled persons, shy and low self esteem persons. As long as the client and the sex worker are able to enter into an agreement using their free will, and there is not coercion or addictions driving the sex workers presence in the industry, then prostitution can be argued to fulfil a societal need.

Some sex addicts use the services of prostitutes as they crave the physical contact where they reduce the sex worker to a fantasy image or sexualised object, and may ask to act out fantasy material that their actual sexual partner may not agree to. Normally the addict will deny their sexual feelings in an encounter with a prostitute, as will also the prostitute who is normally trained to do so to cope with the dynamics of the encounters.

When it is an addiction driven dynamic that sends a person repeatedly to prostitutes, there are financial overheads that can start to affect the addict and their family, as well as possible sexual health issues, on top of all the usual issues that accrue with other sexual addictions in general.

The use of prostitutes and Massage Parlours is more likely to trigger relationship breakdown with partners if found out, than with internet and pornography usage. Importantly, IBMP can offer therapy as a means of treating sex addiction by helping the patient to understand and express the underlying issues triggering their sex addiction before they are acted upon in a self-destructive manner.

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