What is Voice Dialogue ?

Voice Dialogue is a gestalt based therapy developed by Hal and Sidra Stone. Their powerful therapy introduces a client to key archetypal sub-personalities that we each constellate in some form in our unconscious reality.

Every person has many aspects to his nature which can evoke different identities, depending on the presenting dynamics.  Voice Dialogue refers to the technique and theoretical structure which allows one to experience and integrate many facets in the psyche, including the shadow or disowned selves.

The technique creates a dialogue with different parts of the personality.  This process enables the client to become more conscious of which selves, with their rule systems have been dominant in his life, and how these can affect our health.

Clients are taught and shown how they use certain bonding patterns in relationship. The enables the client to unhook from those selves and he can begin to explore their opposites to bring his consciousness into balance, and to enter into relationships consciously rather than unconsciously.

Voice Dialogue is used by us and we have found that it helps a client to:

  • Discover and understand yourself, and others, at an ever deepening level.
  • Realise your psyche is made up of many parts, many sub-personalities.
  • Increase the depth of communication between yourself and others.
  • More easily resolve problems in relationships.
  • Awaken new levels of intimacy and heart connection.
  • Develop an “Aware Ego”, a more conscious way of using your personality.
  • Bring to awareness the disowned or shadow parts of the psyche.
  • Dissolve autonomic patterns of behaviour.
  • Have a far greater range of choices in every area of your life.
  • Unlock from either positive or negative bonding patterns, which means the way people link together. Positive bonding patterns tend to destroy intimacy and sexuality, negative bonding patterns bring the destruction of the relationship.
  • Gain insights into common psychological traps for people involved in spiritual or personal development.
  • Develop new and unexpected creative talents in career, the arts, sports, wealth creation, inventions and lifestyle.
  • Realise the connection of the mind and body and its effect on health.
  • Explore the unconscious and bring it to consciousness.

Copyright 2015 Richard Boyd


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