August 2013 Newsletter

In the next few weeks we are running the following events - (click on the green wording for more detailed information on related website pages.)

SAD - Stress Anxiety Depression Talk

Tuesday August 20

Spring Clean For Your Health Workshop

Saturday August 31

Spring into Spring - Health Vitality & Wellbeing Expo

Sunday September 1

Process Group

Every 2nd Wednesday evening - Sept to Dec Starts Wednesday September 4

Body Mind Health Retreat at Maitraya in Albany

Saturday & Sunday Sept 14 & 15

Please feel free to contact us if you require more details or book into any events.

What A Shame - The Body Mind Implications of Chronic Shame

Shame is one of those emotions that is misunderstood in our society. We hear the term "what a shame" in ordinary conversation but few stop to think about the implications of shame and what it looks like in its healthy and unhealthy aspect.

Healthy shame is that felt sense which serves to create a realistic humility and in doing so curb some behaviour which might serve to breach boundaries, offend others, or disrupt social convention and laws in a way that causes a moral outrage in the eyes of others.

As such healthy shame leaves the person feeling intact as a person but it may be the important emotional feedback which is a learning opportunity and appropriate boundary setting lesson. In this sense shame is healthy as it does not violate the felt healthy sense of self nor does it cause the person to react and adapt their behaviour or personality in distorted ways.

Healthy shame leaves the person intact in terms of their self esteem and their free will. The person who processes their shame from a healthy sense of self will never lose sight of who they are but will we wise enough to pull back from any activity that results in shaming being the result.

In that sense they are still intact in their healthy sense of self and the fact that they live in their humanity as fallible human beings, with permission to live learn and evolve throughout their whole lives without needing to be right all the time. They are grounded and realistic in this way of being.

In contrast toxic or unhealthy shame is devastating to the core fabric of a person who experiences it as being about their identity or core self. Many people in our society have this unhealthy relationship to their own shame.

To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled What A Shame - The Body Mind Implications of Chonric Shame

Upcoming Events in August & September 2013

In coming months we are running or collaborating in the running of some key events...
  1. On Tuesday August 20 at 6.30pm Richard will be appearing at Wesley College South Perth as a guest speaker for Clear Thinking. Richard will speak on the Inter-Relationship between Stress, Anxiety and Depression or SAD. This talk will aid those who want to know the best ways to deal with the SAD reality that may be affecting their life in its many forms. The cost is Early Bird $25 or $40 at the door.
  2. On Saturday August 31 we will be part of a combined health event at Dome Maylands. Spring Clean For Your Health is a daylong event which brings together the collaboration of Richard with the event organiser and Green Organics founder, Tanya Maidment,  as well as Perth identity, Dr Joe Kosterich, Dr Salim Ismail the Integrative Heath Care Consultant, and Kate Warner the Naturopath.
  3. On Sunday September 1, Richard will be a guest speaker at the Spring into Spring Health Vitality & Wellbeing Expo hosted by Dr. Joe Kosterich at Echoes Willow Pond in Canning Vale.  What a way to spend Fathers Day than soaking up the Shangri-la grounds of Willow Ponds, where the Energetics Institute will be part of a well expo throughout the day.  A range of stalls and speakers on Wellness will be in attendance, and Ramons Restaurant will be serving hungry patrons all day.  There will be a range of kids activities throughout the day.  Entry will be by a gold coin donation to Canteen Cancer charity.
  4. We restart our Process Group on Wednesday evening, September 4 and runs for 4 months until December. It runs every second Wednesday night, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.  Attendees commit for that 4 month term.  If you are interested then do not procrastinate as I limit attendance to 8 attendees for the group dynamics and equity in the group.
  5. On September 14 and 15 Richard will co-host with Dr Joe Kosterich a 1.5 day Body Mind Health Retreat at the 5 star Maitraya Luxury Retreat just outside Albany. This is a great chance to down tools and spend a weekend on our wonderful pristine coastline having an experiential and educational break.  We want to cut though all the hype out there on the internet and give some clarity and key tips to take away from this collaborative event. Dr Joe is a well known health identity with regular segments in the television media, on PerthNow and other media websites, as well as having his own blogs and social media activities.  Attendees can stay at Maitraya for one night (Saturday 14) as part of the event. You can choose to stay either onsite or offsite either side of the event as Maitraya is an experience not to be missed!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to make a booking for private therapy or a group event.

Enjoy your month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Private Therapy