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BodyMind Therapy Classes

Our BodyMind Exercises are also known as Grounding Exercises or Bioenergetics Exercises.  These exercises are a sequence of body movements which provide a gentle but powerful way to help clear mental and physical blocks and defences and return the person to greater balance and flow.  The BodyMind Exercise class is a 1 hour workout program that creates aliveness, high energy, mental, emotional and physical strength.   The class merges aspects from both Eastern and Western disciplines, including Bioenergetics Exercises developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen. The exercises are intended to mobilise each individual’s energy and especially to ground this energy.  The main theme is to deepen the breath and establish a strong connection with the earth.

The class is run by an experienced facilitator in a group format.  Each class consists of five sections:

  1. Warm-up and Stretching
  2. Grounding and Charging
  3. Energetic Expression
  4. Discharge/Releasing
  5. Integration/Harmonizing

Each section builds upon the previous one.  You will go at your own pace and will not be pushed beyond your limits.  The ability to participate and open up to new levels can happen quickly or gradually over time.  Anyone who does not have a debilitating health condition is welcome to attend our classes.  If practiced regularly, optimal bodymind health is achieved over time.  BodyMind classes are not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy or counselling sessions.  Their function is to create energy flow and enhance your personal development or the work done with your therapist.

The Purpose of Grounding

Grounding is the sensation of the connection with the ground.  Such wisdoms as being “down to earth” or “having your feet on the ground” or “standing on your own two feet” indicate when you are fully in touch with reality through contact and the environment.   Grounding helps you get into the present moment, connect with the here and now, moving you out of your mind and more into your body, enabling you to be earth-bound and more human.  It allows you to connect deeply with other people, permit more intimacy and accelerate healing.

Grounding creates a flow of energy in the body, feeling fully embodied, so that your feet and legs, hands and eyes have more sensory-motor awareness, energised and relaxed.  True grounding not only includes the entire physical body but also the emotional, mental, intentional, energetic and spiritual components of your life.  Grounding helps you feel your connection to the earth giving you the support to stabilize and providing emotional containment when feeling stressed, overwhelmed or shocked.


  • Increase energy
  • Promote flexibility and suppleness
  • Reduce Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia etc.
  • Release toxins
  • Promote wellbeing and positivity
  • Increase feeling and reduce numbness
  • Stimulate immune system
  • Ground you in the present moment
  • Enhance breathing capacity
  • Maintain harmony of Body Mind and Emotions
  • Build physical and emotional endurance
  • Clarify thinking and enhance mental focus
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase sense of presence and self-empowerment

Please contact us if you require additional information or wish to book into one of our BodyMind Exercise Classes.


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