At our Body Psychotherapy practice in Perth, we use Breathwork as a tool to bring more consciousness to your body and help you come out of your head, which is the source of rumination, Anxiety and Depression.  Your breath not only promotes deep relaxation but also helps bring awareness to and release of unconscious emotions which are withheld in your body.


Breathing is an essential function that you unconsciously perform, yet you may not realise that your style of breathing is a trigger and a reflection of other bodily and mental processes.

Breathwork is the process whereby the application is made of conscious attention to how you organically breathe, and then intervene to change your breathing pattern to stimulate your body and mind towards a healing effect.

Deep organic breathing is a sign of vitality and safety within you whereas compromised breathing reflects some form of defence or trauma incorporated into the breathing function.  Your defence mechanism ideally should be targeted in a safe way, so that a full organic breathing response can be restored for your optimal health.


We offer Breathwork in Perth to help restore your vitality and learn how to deeply relax in your normal rested state. Your breathing is both a reflection of how safe you feel at an unconscious level, and also is a key process that informs that same conclusion as to whether you should assume you are safe.

In this paradoxical way your breathing is a circular process which informs you of your state of being and so a key benefit of our Breathwork therapy is to recalibrate your breathing to create a biofeedback that you are safe and can relax into a rested state.  Your breathing will organically create that rested state in your body, which is sometimes called the parasympathetic state of being.  We can teach you effective use of your breath to elicit the Relaxation Response.

Our Breathwork Training in Perth to our clients is restorative of a healthy rested state. Additionally Breathwork can be used as a stress trigger to activate you into trauma and so cause trauma to activate and discharge from your body and musculature.  There are certain trauma release breathing oriented exercises, which only under the supervision of a trained professional, can be used to allow a session of trauma release to be conducted.


Trauma release breathing exercises are a tool in the toolkit of the competent trauma therapist as they provide a pathway into the body where skilled supervision of the therapist can allow you to remain in your Window of Tolerance of arousal or stimulus, and release trauma still held in your body as frozen musculature, memories, sensations and energies.

Our bodymind therapists are trained to observe and guide you into safe arousal through Breathwork but modulate and stay present to your changes in your breathing, body or emotions, so you do not leave your ability to contain the releasing trauma. We teach all our clients tailored Grounding exercises in conjunction with our Breathwork training in Perth.

Our Breathwork Meditation in Perth involves conscious breathing for self-healing and the ability to direct the breath to various parts of the body where there may be energetic blockages. Breathwork Meditiation will help you direct your focus internally, enable healthy control of your state of mind, allow defence patterns in your body to surrender, and calm your nervous system.

Our Breathwork in Perth can also be used to introduce you to your own body armouring or defences by showing how and where you breathe in in your belly, diaphragm, or upper chest, or in a combination of these areas. Targeted breathing that activates areas that currently do not participate in the organic breathing cycle will allow your body to widen the catchment of breathing in your body and move closer to fuller vitality and deep organic, full body breathing.


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