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Corporate Services – Team Building Activities & Motivational Speaking

Organisations that support best practice and want to transform from being unconscious to becoming self-aware and conscious, all recognise that their employees are their most important asset.

Organisations constantly are faced with employees own individual issues, as well as the issues arising from interpersonal and team dynamics. Organisations have been good at recognising employee blindspots and under developed areas in their skills and behaviours, but poor in facilitating individual development.

Organisations have typically offered employees external template based learning courses of varying quality and outcome. Research shows that one key unaddressed area in employee development is in the area of emotional intelligence.

We work at the corporate and business level through its partner entity Conscious Business Australia. We bring extensive business experience of both having extensive previous corporate careers as well as running a number of SME businesses both at present and in the past.

Richard has a successful corporate sector client base where he employs his Conscious Business Methodology, accredited AICE executive coaching, leadership development, organisational consultancy and cultural transformation programs.

Refer to our partner website Conscious Business Australia for more information on our corporate offerings.


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