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Happy Christmas & New Year

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you to our clients past and present for giving us the opportunity to assist you on your individual journeys.

This month and in January we are taking a break from group events whilst we rest. We will be seeing some clients over the Christmas period.   We will resume with a full programme in February 2015.  If you have a Christmas crisis then also feel free to  contact us for support.

How To Approach Prayer and the Emotional Energies of Spiritual Practice

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If one considers both the eastern and western spiritual perspectives then we find that each has a process to connect and become closer to what we shall call the godhead. The classic eastern perspective is often that the ultimate reality of things does not include an outside entity or object we call god, but it still has detailed and contemplative processes such as meditation to connect to our spiritual or essential self.

If we can allow this essential difference in conclusion about the existence of god to co-exist between the east and the west then we can explore those tools of insight and realisation that each offer. These tools go beyond mere concept and image and can have profound transformative effects on a person who engages with them in an ongoing process.

One might say that in the west we have old Catholic background traditions rooted in prayer and in contemplation which while similar are also different. We might also add that in the east we have meditation with its visual emphasis and also verbal and hand gesture mudras and mantra processes.

Western psychology has little to say about spirituality as it tends to denounce it as a neurosis or non scientific reality and so that which is generally to be sifted out of the therapeutic process. Psychology considers itself a science and science denounces religion and spirituality so there is no room for discourse amongst many secular psychologists and counsellors with clients about spiritual matters.

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