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Support Group for Survivors of Narcissists Wednesday February 4 - meetup every 2 weeks
Hope and Healing Seminar - sponsored by AngelHands Thursday March 27
Healing Depression and Anxiety Workshop Saturday March 29
Clearing Your Blocks and Traumas Workshop Saturday May 3
Family Constellations Workshop Saturday May 24
Healthy Relationships Workshop Saturday June 21
Understanding the Dimensions of Grief and Loss Workshop Saturday July 26
The Buddhist Wheel of Life as a tool of Self Realisation Workshop Saturday August 23
The Way of the Enneagram – Your Self Explained Workshop Sunday September 21
Healing Addictions and Compulsions and their Trauma Origins Workshop Saturday October 25

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Simply Not Coping - The SAD (Stress, Anxiety, Depression) Struggle of our Society

by Richard Boyd, Body Mind Psychotherapist, Energetics Institute, Perth, West Australia

Copyright 2014

As we come back from a well earned holiday break in early 2014 one cannot but note how for some they are struggling to hold their lives together. The press in the last few weeks has carried articles about the giving up or relapse into depression and alcohol abuse by several notable personalities in the community.

Many of us looking in on the world of Charlotte Dawson would have thought she had it all. She was intelligent, attractive, accomplished in the media having held down prominent roles on leading TV shows. She lived a life of luxury in a swank apartment, rubbed shoulders with the richest, most famous and connected in Australian popular society circles. Yet she committed suicide after a long struggle with issues.

Another one is swimming great Ian Thorpe who has struggled with the change of career and immense ongoing issues with anxiety and depression. Then there is Western Australian Under Treasurer Tim Marney, and his struggles with anxiety and depression related issues.

In a broader sense we also read that in the Western Australian public service that mental health issues such as stress are now becoming the largest payout issue for RiskCover who looks after such claims for the government. In addition there was the recent report of the emerging trend of people waking around 3am instead of 6-7am as their "normal" sleep cycle.

These unrelated events are but symptoms of a wider systemic malaise in our society that has been met with a medicated response or by denial for many caught in its web. Many are struggling and many are struggling to find sustainable answers to their problems.

 Stress, anxiety and depression are not only becoming pervasive but they are becoming normalised if one considers how some of their symptoms (sleeping disorders) and the reliance on a life time of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication is assumed and accepted. The impact on the health and quality of life for sufferers of quick fix outcomes or a denial of the issue is a high risk strategy over time.

Take for instance where many of us are right now. If you just enjoyed a Christmas holiday break you may have found the first few days when you stopped work or running around you got mildly sick. This was probably no accident by in fact the stress outcome of slowing down often known as Executive Stress Syndrome.

To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled The SAD (Stress, Anxiety, Depression) Struggle of our Society

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Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute



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