February 2015 Newsletter

selfieI hope your Xmas break brought you refreshed and ready for 2015 as already January has passed us by in an instant!

My article this month on the Damaging Effects of Our Digitally Influenced Lifestyles was inspired by a whack in the head by a selfie stick just after Xmas.  Social media is taking its toll on families, relationships and individuals that we must all consider what degree of influence is it having in our lives and is that really a positive outcome for us in so many ways.

I tend to collaborate and assist a lot in sharing ideas and insights for others to run with and explore. Recently I interviewed by Denissa PeiJurn Goh, a student at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.  That led to the her article titled Rise of the Narcissist being published which explores a Gen Y perspective on Narcissism.  Have a read as it’s a fresh perspective by Denissa on this pressing psychological issue in society today.

I will be running our signature weekend workshop on Narcissism and Borderline Personalities on the weekend of March 7-8.  Book early as it tends to fill up and has been well received by past attendees.


selfie3The Xmas period brings out the best and worst in people. Xmas is supposed to be a spiritual event and about giving but yet the road rages at shopping centre car parks, the harried shoppers with arms full of material consumerism trash tells a different story.

Normally after Xmas the holiday crowds at shopping centres are a bit more buoyant and festive. A new experience this year for me was that I got poked 3 times in 2 days with “selfie sticks” as I went about my holiday business in public spaces.

The incidents prompted me to consider what this behaviour represented as a symptom of some other underlying trend. This article questions how consumed are people becoming with social media, online video entertainment, the online digital world around us, and what mirroring and modelling is going on that is subconsciously influencing what we think about ourselves, others and relationships.

To recap, I got poked in the back and the head by shoppers with “selfie sticks”, which are those extension poles that are now showing up in the streets, cafes, shopping malls and just about everywhere else. This 2014 Xmas present of choice is an intrusive gadget which in the hands of novices threaten all those around them with a poke or whack when in their proximity.

Click the following link to read the full article: Damaging Effects of Our Digitally Influenced Lifestyles

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