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Fees & Appointments for Therapy & Counselling

Fees for consultations range from $100-$150. We use a fixed fee model which applies per session. We will occasionally negotiate their session fees where a client can demonstrate a constraint in being able to afford the standard fee.

Since the dynamics of counselling, coaching and psychotherapy all benefit from regular sessions over a period of time, then the model of frequent sessions is commonly recommended. If financial constraints exist, then as a general principle we recommend it is better to have regular sessions with a greater interval between appointments to accommodate your budget.

For example, instead of fortnightly appointments it is better to attend monthly appointments than to cancel all appointments and not continue to have any at all. We also will look favourably upon a person who hits a bump in life such as temporary unemployment or sickness where income suffers. It is often at this time that support is most needed.

A part of therapy is to agree a therapy plan that sets boundaries and expectations around time and money considerations. Over time the regular therapy or contact will have larger gaps between appointments.

At some stage regular sessions cease and we become a resource in your life which you can contact as and when you need, come and check-in, and be able to pick up with a therapist where you left off. We are then able to quickly engage and continue as we already know you, your history and issues.

Our appointments are 55 minutes in duration. Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or to alter an appointment. The failure to attend a scheduled appointment without notifying us, or the failure to give us 24 hour notice to reschedule that appointment, will require that you will be charged the usual full fee for your session.

Please alert us at the earliest opportunity where the cost of therapy is becoming an issue. We can often work with you and make suggestions to make therapy possible.

We accept payment through cash, cheque or internet banking. A missed payment will typically mean that we will suspend future appointments until that outstanding amount is paid in full.


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