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Free BodyMind Therapy seminars

There are numerous modalities of therapy and healing on offer today, which creates confusion about what is the right choice for you.  The Free BodyMind Talks are designed to allow you to listen to the scientific and psychological principles that underpin Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™, and to make an informed decision as to whether our modality has something to offer you.

Our regular free talks examine the basis for Body Mind science and how it literally influences and creates our personality, psychological and bodily defences to life and our perception of how life is. Each talk typically covers an issue that affect us, or and aspect on what literally influences and creates our personality, psychological and bodily defences to life and our perception of how life is.  This fascinating talk is always well received by those attending and is personally relevant to everyone.   The talks normally have relevance to the audience as we impart knowledge in ways that can be understood and applied in your own life.  The talks are aimed at educating the public about the latest BodyMind sciences, neuroscience breakthroughs, advances in understanding how the mind works, and fresh perspectives on treatment approaches or insights into common issues of emotional, mental or bodymind health.

The 1½ hour talks are conducted by a qualified Body Psychotherapist who can answer your questions, outline what upcoming events are being run, and how best to engage with Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy for your own self development.  The talks are free, there is no therapy performed, and attendance does not bind you to any commitments or obligations with us.  Instead you will get an insight into the basic mind-body science and how it affects our psychology, health and well-being. Anyone is welcome to attend.

These are run as part of our Community Service obligation in educating the public on key BodyMind science issues that we feel the Community should have conscious awareness of.  These talks are popular and the door fee goes directly to a nominated charity we promote. The feedback has consistently been that the information is both personally relevant and compelling in its presentation.

Come along one night and hear and see for yourself.  If you wish to come along, please contact us.


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