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Individual Therapy using Counselling & Psychotherapy in Perth

The safe and confidential environment of individual therapy offers you the unique and individualised attention that allows your process to unfold at a pace right for you.

Our psychotherapists use a variety of approaches and techniques from our Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy model.  In some cases, we use counselling techniques, but in most cases we find clients obtain optimum benefits when we employ psychotherapeutic techniques.

Individual Therapy Sessions with an Energetics Institute psychotherapist have a psychodynamic approach which means that we explore the unconscious content of a client’s psyche and conflicts in relation to their present day development, behaviour and life.  Our body-centred approach indicates that our personality develops from childhood experiences and that negative experience are held frozen in the body by muscular armouring, blocks and tensions, as well as neural patterns in the unconscious portion of the brain.  These chronic patterns of shallow breathing and muscular tensions were designed to keep us safe, but at the same time reduce the amount of energy flow through our bodies, keeping us stuck in fixed patterns of thinking and behaving and reducing our capacity to lead a full and satisfying life.

In other words, the body and the mind collaborate to block energy as an attempt to block painful experiences. When energy is blocked, so are emotions. And when emotions are blocked, so is energy, old feelings and memories. These blocks also prevent the feelings of deep pleasure, joy and excitement, and can keep us locked in many feelings of emotional and physical distress.

To re-claim our life we have to work on the blockages of energy, feel unfelt feelings that have not been fully metabolised, make old unconscious patterns conscious, and challenge negative and destructive behaviours and belief systems.

A large part of the success of this therapy is dependent upon the strength of the relationship between the therapist and client.  During this time the client may work through interpretations of transference.  Transference is when feelings from the past (mostly unconscious feelings) are projected onto the therapist. This all happens with your knowing why you feel and react the way you do. Our Psychotherapists are skilled in working with these old feelings and projections. This helps the client to access many repressed feelings and break free from stuck and old relationship and life patterns.

Working with the body-mind facilitates real and lasting changes.  Each personal session with a therapist will vary.  At times there may be more talk therapy, at other times there may be more physical therapy (breathing and moving) challenging muscular armouring, bringing into balance changes in the body and personality, creating greater unification.  This work is often referred to as ‘the hard work miracle’, allowing physical and emotional symptoms to diminish and increase a greater capacity for joy, pleasure, fulfilment, energy and direction in life.

Our Private Therapy page outlines conditions that we treat as well as the steps involved in a typical therapy session.  The Energetics Institute offers individual therapy sessions in Perth Western Australia WA.  Please see our Psychotherapists page if you would like to make an enquiry or book in for a session.


Want to discuss how the Energetics Institute can help you with your counselling and psychotherapy needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss treatment options so we can assist you further.