January 2014 Newsletter

Upcoming Support Groups

On Wednesday February 5 we will start the first of 2 new support groups. The first support group will be run fortnightly on a Wednesday evening for survivors of Narcissistic partners, parents or workplace authority figures, and allow them to get support, clarity and guidance in a group setting where places are limited to 8 persons.

The second will commence on Wednesday February 12 as the alternate Wednesday evening for trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and including possible Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The same approach will apply to this second support group.

These two new support groups reflect a need identified by our clients in 2013 and to further their healing and understanding around living or having lived with such personalities. Each group runs from 6pm to 8pm on the established Wednesday and costs $60 per session.

These support groups will be run according to demand but those joining must pay and commit to attend at least 3 sessions preferably in sequence but a person may miss one session in the block of three.

These two support groups will accept applications to join via emailing us on info@energeticsinstitute.com.au with a brief email outlining why you want to join the support group concerned and brief particulars about your own personal dynamic of the type the support group concerns itself with.

We will publish in February our full events schedule for 2014. We are still finalising some venue bookings at this stage which may affect dates of events.

Abandonment Trauma and Grief - How Abandonment Issues Dramatically Affect Adult Functioning and Relationships

Everyone of us is abandoned all the time in some small way. As the Buddha once said "at first there is collection (coming together) and then there is dispersal (parting or separating)". In the ebb and flow of life we are constantly coming together and then later parting ways with many people and objects and this is a suffering we all experience in life.

For many of us this normally does not create much anxiety or suffering of loss. We may have feelings about the breakdown and loss of an object such as a car, or the conflict and loss of a friend, but over time we grieve the loss and move on.

Interestingly it is sometimes the loss of emotional mementos and objects that are touchstones to loved ones, dead parents, ancestors(photo album), that can dramatically affect people and make it hard for them to accept the loss and move on. The horror of the recent bushfires in the hills of Perth are an illustration of this point.

When one reads of the tragedy in the newspapers we notice stories of survivors who can come to terms with the loss of buildings and homes but often they highlight the loss of personal mementos, photos, and inherited family relics as the most regretted part of the loss. No insurance company can replace such memories.

For most of us though the necessary cycle of life and death will start to touch us all with abandonment through death of a loved one at some stage of our life.

We each have differing levels of resiliency and coping mechanisms to overcome the grief and the loss. In many cases what we find is that the mechanism in the brain that deals with abandonment as a life or death issue, or a "fight or flight" scenario can switch on for some people and not others.

In some people it is the part of the brain that deals with attachment that influences and affects the emotional response to the perceived abandonment that survivors of dead or missing people tend to go through. In some cases a loved pet, a treasured antique, an environment of significance, can all affect the attachment part of the brain and amplify the loss or grief.

If we stay with the context of the loss of a loved close person, whether we lose them through death or we lose them without closure (missing person), we find that a prolonged period of unrelenting grief and possible abandonment trauma can result. The possibility exists in some people that they may have unresolved abandonment trauma from early life events.

To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled Abandonment Trauma and Grief - How Abandonment Issues Dramatically Affect Adult functioning and Relationships

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to make a booking for private therapy or a group event.

Enjoy your month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute



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