June 2012 Newsletter

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In the next few weeks we are running the following events - (click on the green wording for more detailed information on related website pages.)

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for Business Success Saturday July 7 (3 hrs)
Family Constellations Seminar Monday July 9
Family Constellations Workshop Saturday & Sunday July 14 & 15
Process Group - July to Decmeber 2012 starts July 25 - every 2nd Wed night
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to enquire or book into any events.

The Resistance to Change and Healing in Us All

Inside each one of us lies images and worldviews which filter and reshape the “out there” world into our own personal versions of reality. These are affected by events and environments but for a time our filters of reality operate to dismiss new or emerging shifts in awareness or environments.

Importantly it is emotions that drive core beliefs rather than rational logic or information. Recent studies by the Cultural Cognition Project(CCP) run out of Yale University have shown that facts exert only a weak influence on a person’s beliefs and opinions and also do not touch those deeply ingrained emotional convictions. Logic and facts are useful to create conceptual ideas where no previous equivalents exist.

Neuroscience understands that our brain will take on new information and run it past pre-existing cognitive filters. These filters will evaluate information and act to either confirm that information as aligned to current knowledge and belief, thus reinforcing those neural circuits, or positioning the information as new and novel.

Researcher Joe Dispensa states that new and novel information is treated by the brain as an “incidence” which may retain it in short term memory, a second encounter as “coincidence” which deepens short term memory context, and only after third and subsequent experiences will our brain truly act to lay down new long term memory neural circuits around that knowledge or belief.

Bessel Van De Kolk has pointed out in his long career in neuroscience that emotions that arise as the new information is received by the brain will influence the brain’s retention and meaning making of that new information. Neuroscience researchers such as Stephen Porges (Polyvagal theory) also come to similar conclusions in their work.

On interesting fact is that the reality filters buried in our subconscious mind can be barriers to change and act by filtering out information that contradicts what we already believe of know. We will tend to disregard new information when it conflicts with the belief we already hold. People can easily go into a form of denial or remain unconscious to presented new information.

They also normalise new beliefs when confronted with strong actions and images such as violence where a strong emotional context originally exists. In this process we can subsequently “numb out” to the emotional context as we normalise the experience and integrate it into our reality..

Researchers such as Antonio Demasi have shown that for many other mundane events there exists a basis for resistance to new incoming data which may be hardwired into our brains. All of us may reject new data when it is presented and instead refer back to the safety of our old status quo of current reality. I have noticed this is common in the context of healing and therapy.

In therapy one often sees clients who hold firm views on reality about life which are not correct, adaptive or supported by the facts. However when one explains the facts, shows them books, or credible arguments they nod their heads but simply disregard the information. They tend to “forget” to do homework or investigations recommended to them, and passively resist change. A form of filtering appears to prevent this new information taking root in their reality.

Such people often find “nothing works for them” or “no one has been able to help me”. They tend to place the blame “out there” but fail to see how their own nature is working against change and in being able to assimilate new ideas. We all need to have a conscious mindfulness about our own nature as it represents a sabotage that we all can subconsciously fall into.

Many people only jolt themselves out of their complacent reality when a crisis or strong emotionally charged event occurs. They may get very sick, face death, lose their partner, have their partner leave their relationship, lose their job, or get charged with a crime due to a previously unacknowledged behaviour, or have an addiction or personality disorder.

As a therapist I can identify with this problem. This form of inertia is best countered by enacting a daily ritual to override any filtering and to deepen new beliefs which serve the healing role. I have personally adopted the practice of the medicine Buddha for which I have taken empowerments to do.

Neuroscience does tend to support the spiritual wisdom that the things we seek are always there in front of us if only we would see them. Manifesting is much less about popping objects out of some quantum wave form state into materialism than it is about noticing what material things, what factual constructs and truths, are and have always been ever present all along.

We see them when we have stopped filtering them out through the subconscious brain as supported by redundant old beliefs. Let us begin to start fully seeing what is there before we start to believe we need to conjure up something else. You might just be pleasantly surprised that what you see is all you will ever need to see and know anyway!!

Neuroscience shows that you can teach an old dog new tricks and we can actively work on ourselves throughout our whole life journey to make that experience a happier one!! What is there in your reality that filters out what you would be better served letting in?

We are adept at helping clients expose these mental filters and old beliefs which are getting in the way of clients having their goals fulfilled. Contact us if you would like to work on yourself to become more aware, conscious and alive to what is really out there moment to moment for you to experience!!

For the more comprehensive version of this article please follow the link to this latest article The Resistance to Change and Healing in Us All.

What Do You Stand For - Popularity or Values ?

I had a good friend come up to me the other day and say, “Do you know that people either love you or hate you!!”. I replied “that’s good, thank you!!”. He looked at me incredulously and said “are you not worried that everyone does not like you?” I replied “No... What others think of me says more about them than it does about me”.

What my good friend was touching on was the concept of strong leadership and whether a person stands for something they feel strong about, and whether being popular or being right is their chosen value set, versus being in truth with one’s own values and convictions even at the expense of popularity.  In life we each must decide where we stand in this choice if we are to assume a leadership role in some way in life.

It is common in Australian society to see commentary about leaders focus on their popularity. Regular opinion polls are released about our political leaders, about issues and about those who promote those ideas. Many such leaders react to popularity measures such as polls and we regularly read how nervous back benchers in politics fear a loss of popularity when the government of the day makes a tough decision.

Those leaders who either stand for nothing but themselves or whose leadership style is based on popularism are weak or lack leadership qualities. Leaders are risk takers but more importantly are committed to a set of truths or values even when they will not be universally popular. Even all the great spiritual leaders had their critics and their opponents despite standing for caring and ethical values and beliefs.

 It is a part of the nature of leadership to have people typically polarise in different camps when it comes to making a stand for what you stand for versus just trying to be popular. What any leader must do is stay true to themself in the face of criticism, scorn and derision.

Another way of saying this is the true leader looks inward and the populist looks outward. By this the true leader looks inside themself to remind themself of their core beliefs, values and vision for themself and for whom they lead. The populist looks outwards at their audience for signs of acceptance or rejection, and is an ever reactive, insecure person who has no true roots in a secure base of self.

If either looks outward one is always sure to find themself a critic. A critic is in many ways a person who opposes another but may not have anything useful to say or stand for themself. A critic may be a person who opposes because they are essentially negative in their world outlook or who have a strong inner critic voice which condemns themself and others continually as a facet of their personality.

Critics may also be dream stealers whose own negativity and trauma may make them unable to make their own contribution so instead they throw stones at others. They will typically present a polarised negative view that cannot concede any good qualities about the person they target.

Another aspect of the critic is they often have disowned their own leadership qualities. This means that when they encounter a strong leader they are often emotionally triggered in a negative way. This is because the strong leader embodies and carries the critic’s disowned aspect of leadership

In Shamanism we say that other people are like mirrors and reflect back to us the parts of ourself we have lost or disowned. These other people who trigger us are our teachers as they mirror back to us what in our essential natures we have disowned. Our hatred and anger toward that person is our self hatred and self anger at how we have lost an essential part of our soul or self in doing so.

As a consequence we now project onto that person that hatred and we find we now have issues with.  This is why we say that what other people think about us says more about them than it does about ourself.

A wise person understands that this other person is a gift to us. This is because we can learn to understand what part of ourself they carry and mirror back to ourself, then work to reclaim it, heal it and integrate it back into ourself.

This is too hard for many people who would prefer to remain victims to other people and in doing so give their power away to that person. When we rage or slander or denounce others behind their back we increase our own self hatred, victimhood, and sense of negativity and powerlessness.

This is why gossip is like acid that eats away at the person who continually indulge in gossip  as it is always negative in nature. Gossip tends to attack another’s character and is designed to tear down others to the lowly place of the gossiper.

When we gossip and attack others we are abandoning our own leadership natures and becoming a victim. Negative minds develop as a result of character assassination and gossip and the holding on of old hurts, wounds and grievances. When you look you will find that many people get stuck in the past with their negativity that they refuse to let go of.

 Some people recycle hatred and anger from the past as a daily event. What this means is that whatever hurt them once in reality now has re-hurt them many times more as they hold onto the negative feelings instead of releasing them.

In conclusion you can only change yourself and you cannot change others. You can only influence them. It is best we seek to only change ourself for the better wherever that may lead us. Do not be attached to your reputation for it is fleeting and you cannot be true to yourself while you look “out there” trying to manage others expectations or constantly please them.

Live true to your values and your truth. Be open to learn new truths, new values, and to grow from learning lessons from your mistakes. Ignore your critics when they have nothing objective to say. As respected financial advisor and commentator Scott Pape “The Barefoot Investor” advises, walk your own path!!

For the more comprehensive version of this article please follow the link to this latest article What Do You Stand For - Popularity or Values ?

Reminder to Join our Healing Process Group

One of the most effective ways to commence and deepen your healing is to join a Process Group of committed persons who fortnightly come together and leverage the power of group energy and group dynamics to take their healing to deeper levels. A group environment achieves an emotional and energetic container that one-on-one therapy cannot emulate.

An explanation of our Process group was outlined in our January 2012 Newsletter. We recommence the Process Group in July so if you have been thinking of joining but put it off then come forward now to secure a place!

The Process Group kicks off on July 25, 2012 and runs for 4 months until Dec 12 2012, and then takes an end of year break. People commit for that 4 month term, and can optionally elect to rejoin when we start again, or they can decline after the first 3 months commitment. If you are interested then do not procrastinate as I limit attendance to 8 attendees for the group dynamics and equity in the group.

Aussie Winter 2012 Events

On Saturday July 7 Richard will present a 3 hour seminar titled Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for Business Success at The Inspiration Factory in Subiaco, Perth. This seminar will cover the key emerging trends in business creation based on the notion that in the age of social networking and social media our notions of business are changing. More than ever it is not just a great product and good service that equates to business success. Meaning and purpose are increasingly showing up in peoples' lives as the way the public want to do business with others.

More than ever we need to be able to create the emotional exchange and the positive emotional resonance with the touchpoints of our business. Spiritual values energise the business and bring to life brand recognition. In this new world your brand is now more than just about a memorable symbol or logo, and a catchy jingle or slogan.  The emotional brand is the path to customer loyalty, brand recognition, enhanced profits and alignment of the individual staff values to the brand values as experienced by customers. Emotional and Spiritual intelligences are the foundations on which this will be achieved in business and this 3 hour seminar explores why this is so.

We have a Family Constellations Seminar on July 9.  Shortly after we will run one of our most fascinating workshops titled The Art and Science of Family Constellations.  The work of Bert Hellinger to evolve family constellation psychology out of essentially shamanic African roots has led to a powerful diagnostic and healing tool for those with hidden dynamics running historically through their family systems.

This 2 day course offers the best of both conceptual and experiential work in exploring this little understood exploration of unconscious dynamics within families.  We firstly will teach and explain the underlying theory and assumptions behind Family Constellations, teach and instruct attendees on how to assemble a constellation.  We spend at least 1 full day conducting Family Constellations with some of the participants, and utilising the pool of attendees to stand in service within each constellation we facilitate. This is a popular course which is now being run over the weekend of July 14/15 (instead of July 28/29 as previously advertised).  Click here for the flyer Family Constellations Workshop on July 14 & 15. Please note this important date change. This workshop has limited seats. Do not let the chance to attend this workshop slip and the past has seen a few late enquiries disappointed by not being able to attend.

We will take a short break in late July until mid August as we recharge our batteries. We will not be seeing clients from July 26 until August 18 when we resume normal business. We will then run our popular Body Reading workshop on August 28 & 29.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to make a booking for private therapy or a group event.

Enjoy your month!

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