June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter


Hi everyone,

Bullying is a common problem in society. Bullying has several forms and is manifest in workplaces, schools, clubs and even in family systems.

The topic of cyber-bullying tends to get a lot of attention but a more subtle and equally damaging form of bullying is often overlooked in this debate. This type of bullying known as passive aggressive bullying or the bullying by silence, marginalisation and omission, is a powerful and damaging type of bullying that requires a voice in the bullying debate.

When it comes to bullying we may get a vision of the aggressive, highly visible and audible type of personality berating a poor victim. Certainly this type of bully exists and can be identified quite readily as their actions are often overt and in your face for all to see.

However the more subtle form of bullying known as passive aggressive or silenced bullying is potentially a far more insidious and harder to detect form of mind violence against its victim. When something is done directly and overtly your brain gets a direct experience and therefore conclusion about what is intended and what is going on, and at least you have a confirmed reality about what is happening.

Click this link to read our full article Passive Bullying and Constructive Dismissal

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Richard Boyd

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