May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter

The Rage Against Life, Others and Ourselves


April has come and gone and the year rolls on. Sadly our news feeds contain numerous stories about violence and the increasing state of anger that arises within adults in all walks of society. Indeed we are in an epidemic of anger fuelled acting out if we read the press and look at social media.

This month I try to capture the fundamentals of this growing societal problem. Click on this link to read this article I have recently written on the topic: The Rage Against Life, Others and Ourselves

An Act of Trust - The Problem with the Business of Charities


On another note the issue of trust and the way in which we donate to businesses who claim to sponsor charities is also in the news.  The recent outing of Belle Gibson with her false claims of multiple life threatening cancers was a concern to all those who had supported her Whole Pantry App based business and the now retracted claims that she gave $300,000 of business income to charities.  Her predatory behaviour undermines the confidence the public has for cancer survivor based charities and giving to charitable causes in general.  Click on this link to read this article I have recently written on the topic: An Act of Trust - The Problem with the Business of Charities.

Pay To View

I have had a lot of requests for courses this year but as I have been working on some other projects I have declined to run as many weekend workshops as I have done in the past. However I can now announce that in the next month you can watch in a pay to view fashion from your own home some of my important presentations and info-seminars.  I will have a video pay to view page on my CBAU (Conscious Business Australia) website which will contain some of my presentations on Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Birth Trauma, and Narcissism and Borderline background content. You will be able to access and watch one or the whole bundle of professionally filmed content with key info PowerPoint slides cut into the presentations.  These courses were all run and recorded live in the last few years and now by having them online I am freed up to continue research and creation of new frameworks in Human Consciousness, Trauma, and Conscious Business. I will still be running some seminars moving forward but in other ways and on other themes. We will let you know when the new page is up on the CBAU website.

Money Management and Poverty Consciousness

I also recommend you check out Karen Giglia’s first of 5 workshops on Money Management and Poverty Consciousness being run on Friday May 8 in conjunction with Women in Business WA. We are in a period of economic downturn where we need to master our use of money to avoid crisis and to create the financial outcomes we need for now and in our retirement. Karen has packaged this knowledge in a smart way that we can all understand and work with. Please give Karen a call on either 08 9467 4233 or 0430 348 933.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to make a booking for private therapy or a group event. Have a great month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

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