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Men’s Mental Health Group – Incorporating Psychotherapy

Men in society are having a crisis of identity as they try to relate to women, other men and to themselves.  Healthy role models for men have vanished only to be replaced by celebrities and sports stars who model outrageous behaviours instead of desperately needed leadership traits.  The breakdown of the nuclear family has created absent or emotionally absent fathers who do not have or spend the time to mirror and model the behaviours to take a boy into their own manhood.  This breakdown has been completed by the advent of the disintegration of beliefs in spirituality or religion.  The resulting vacuum is instead being filled with addictions such as alcohol, drugs, internet, pornography, and a narcissistic obsession with the Self and need for instant gratification of the Self.

In today’s modern society, where we lead increasingly busy lives, it is difficult to find space to nurture ourselves, feel emotionally recharged and enjoy a sense of community.  Men no longer have a safe and honouring place where they can go and be supported by other men.  This needed ritual has been debased into boozy nights at the pub, where talk is shallow, masky, and insecurely heroic.  A Mens Group provides a sacred space for men to gather, celebrate and process life together.  It allows men to reflect and nurture our spirit and lives, explore our inner life and issues vital for the wellbeing of both ourselves and those around us.

The Mens Group is intended to create a traditional time of men coming together in a modern world.  Its purpose is to remind ourselves of what it means to be a healthy man and to share ourselves with each other, so we can rebuild the connections between our intuitive and rational sides, our thoughts and feelings, and our body and mind as a man.


  • Meet other men that are open to personal development and/or being healthy men
  • Share your feelings, thoughts, and issues in a relaxed, safe and nurturing environment
  • Participate in a space allowing for nourishing, honest and deep communication
  • Learn more about becoming the man in your life
  • Get mirrored and modelled how to be a healthy man, which for many of us we never got from our fathers and teachers growing up

Everything disclosed is kept confidential to the group.  Each group is an independent gathering.  We start with centring and simple body mind exercises to connect to ourselves and each other. Then every participant has an opportunity to share if they wish, or just attend for the healing space, get support, and be part of a healthy community environment.

The Mens Group is run by  Richard Boyd who works as an Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapist and Executive Coach in Perth Western Australia.  The cost of the group is $20 per night.  Please  contact us if you require additional information about the Mens Group.


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