This section provides information on Body Mind healing and science modalities which are compatible with and support Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy.

Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is a powerful system of change and healing.  However, like every other system or modality, we have our boundaries, constraints and limitations.  No one modality has all the answers or techniques.  Any tradition or person who makes a claim to have the complete answer or solution in this area must be viewed with suspicion. The BodyMind is such a complex organism which is still not completely understood.

There are a lot of choices in the community for anyone searching for answers to their Body Mind issues. Health and spiritual based magazines present and offer a plethora of competing and conflicting modalities and choices which confuse many who would invest in their own health and wellness. These practitioners claim varying levels of training, accreditation, experience and results from their offerings.

We actively research and research the various modalities in the community in an effort to understand the science and concepts that underpin the modality concerned. The Energetics Institute seeks to demystify the basis of some of the choices in healing and therapy choices so the public can make informed choices in this crowded marketplace.

We actively collaborates with qualified practitioners of other Body Mind sciences and philosophies. Our intention is to inform the public and raise awareness of other important modalities, speakers, researchers and events that complement and further our integrative philosophy of furthering the understanding of body mind principles and processes.

There are several key modality types that act to release physical, energetic and emotional blockages, or to release traumas, or effectively  trigger the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.

We have examined and experienced numerous healing modalities on offer in the community. Our experience, and from reviewing other modality bodies of literature and research, indicates that each targets varying outcomes and approaches in working sympathetically with what is known of the BodyMind.

We believe the following modalities have something to offer to those seeking answers to their issues and dilemmas that span the human condition:

Craniosacral Therapy
Doula Services
Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

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Psychotherapy & Counselling


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