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Survivors of long term exposure to a Narcissist may require specialised Survivor Narcissism Treatment in Perth. We see survivors of Narcissism as suffering from a form of trauma or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

We offer an effective tailored treatment for Narcissism Survivors, via a Narcissism Support Group in Perth and one-on-one therapy built on our professional trauma training and our own experiences in professional life with malignant narcissistic personalities.

We offer empathy and believability for survivors as we transcend just a textbook understanding of Narcissistic personality dynamics and offer both one-on-one and group encounter sessions for survivors. One on One work with our therapists often is a good first step to get an initial confirmation of the fact they were in some sort of toxic business or personal relationship with a person exhibiting strong narcissistic behaviours.


Narcissism is not universally accepted as a personality disorder but practical evidence are toxic and such persons  routinely manipulate others around them in such a way that the victim is gradually worn down, loses autonomy and self determination, and is coerced into believing the reality of the narcissist at the expense of trusting and believing in their own reality.

When the victim finally leaves or is dumped by the narcissist they often are traumatised, suffer low self esteem, and will often have been isolated over time from family and friends by the narcissist. The narcissist will have conned most people around them via their false self that projects success, honesty, virtue, superiority and perfection.

At the same time the victim will often have been character assassinated and their sanity and reputation undermined, so outsiders refuse to believe this wonderful other person could have behaved this way. The narcissist will often say they had to leave the victim as they are crazy, evil, toxic or the narcissist, and so the victim finds themselves unable to get support, get heard and believed, and get a reality check that indeed it did happen to them, and people do behave this way.

Our Narcissism Support Group and one-on-one Narcissist survivor treatment programme brings the victim face to face with therapists who will hear their truth, can vouch that narcissists do behave this way, and help with finding their reality and validate their experience.

In our Narcissism Survivor Group in Perth, the victims get to meet other victims and realise that they are not alone, learn from others, get validated by others, and possibly develop a believer support network and friendships while they rebuild their lives.

Our therapists teach the narcissist behavioural dynamics and characteristics. The powerful experience of the Narcissism Support Group in Perth has met with positive feedback by attendees who report that it gave them the basis to believe in themself and discard the manipulated messages and beliefs they absorbed from being associated and controlled by a narcissistic significant person in their life.

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