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We offer an effective treatment for Narcissism in Perth that reflects the fact that we now live in an era of cultural narcissism. Social media and the promotion of the Self as a brand to be promoted as special, important and to be “liked” by others, is leading to unhealthy narcissistic traits developing in many people in society.


Narcissism results as an unhealthy obsession with oneself, which results in a spectrum of behaviour ranging from indifference towards others, right up to emotional, mental, physical and sexual exploitation and abuse of others.

Narcissism is a conscious application of extreme selfish preoccupations with themselves that see others as only existing and being of interest when they have some form of utility value to that person, such that once the Narcissistic person gains what the other person has that is of interest, they discard that person with indifference and callous coldness.

Narcissistic people feel special, entitled and superior, and are ruthless in their exploitation of others for self-gain. They consciously lie, deceive, cheat, seduce, manipulate others to gain some benefit, and are often aggressive via threats, as they lack a moral compass and have no empathy or compassion towards those they hurt traumatise, use, abuse or deceive.

Narcissistic people create a false self to both deceive and impress others at the same time. They will dress the best, gravitate towards successful, rich or important others, and then brag and claim they too are successful when in fact they often have a past that involves crime, moral crime, deceit, traumatised or betrayed ex-partners in business or romance.


Narcissism shows itself in behaviours and appearance as the false self that is at the heart of their deception, is one that follows the self-importance, special and powerful presence they are always trying to project.

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Our Narcissism Counselling in Perth recognises and treats the typically out-of-control life of a typical narcissistic person. The person often has to hit rock bottom before they will concede they need help and often they will continue to bargain and stay in denial about the full extent of their issues.

Our Treatment for Narcissist Personality Disorder in Perth gets them to confront their actions and behaviours and work to develop empathy and compassion so as to unlock their frozen feeling sense, which trauma or shame has shutdown. We get them to develop humility and to seek out those whom they owe an apology or redress and practice truth and humility.

The false self has to be broken down and the underlying insecurities, low self esteem and false beliefs must be addressed and healed for change to occur.

As part of our Narcissism Counselling, we also offer treatment for Narcissist Abuse Victims in Perth.  Survivors of long term exposure to a Narcissist may require specialised Narcissism Survivor Treatment, as many victims of Narcissism suffer from low self esteem and a form of PTSD.  Narcissist Abuse Victims include children, siblings, parents, friends, business colleagues and romantic partners.

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