October 2014 Newsletter

The Difference Between “Gaslighting” and Character Assassination

by Richard Boyd, Body Mind Psychotherapist, Energetics Institute, Perth, West Australia

Copyright 2014

In my work with the victims of Narcissism I often come across the deep psychological woundings that partners or parents have inflicted on my clients. There are numerous forms of psychological attack that one can undergo but they tend to fall into 2 key categories.

The first is that type of attack on a person where another person manipulates the mind, values, beliefs and reality of the victim toward some end that serves the agenda of the narcissist or attacking party. This is a personal attack against oneself by that aggressor and has been coined "gaslighting".

The term "gas lighting" comes from another old Hollywood movie called 'Gaslight' where a narcissistic predatory husband plays mind control on his wife inside their home where she lies ill. The husband tries to make the wife go crazy by saying things and then later denying having said those things, shifts objects and then makes them reappear, and changes dynamics to make it look like the wife is going mad.

Each time this evil plays out we see the gas lit street light outside the home go dim. This symbolism is to signify the evil darkness descending over the home and also that the wife's consciousness was dimming through the continued mental and emotional abuse she was enduring.

The husband was trying to distort and twist his wife's reality to the end that she would believe she was mad and so as a result would actually go mad. The ultimate aim of a narcissist is either to break you down (have a breakdown) so they can dominate you completely or get rid of you in a way that you lose your credibility.

The reason they want you to lose all credibility is that they fear you may expose them for all their negative and callous deeds once you escape them. So what they try to do is to destroy you first in the process of disengaging from you.

In another context a controlling personality or control freak has a deep unconscious fear of abandonment and so will break down a partner's ability to be a healthy adult with free will and adult critical thinking. What they aspire to do is to break you down and then build you up again in their idea of what you should be, act, do, say and behave.

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Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute



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