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Philosophy of our Psychotherapy – Fusion of Counselling and Body Mind Psychotherapy

The philosophy that underpins Body Mind Psychotherapy and Counselling is simple and profound.  We believe that we each create and have a subjective reality and experience in every moment. The reality we experience is the sum of accrued experiences we have lived and accumulated in this lifetime, based on the environments and key persons who were part of those experiences.

We all have a unique life story and life journey thus far, but the key defining experiences often follow dynamics that can be seen over time to be a pattern or recreation of an original, early life dynamic, which now gives rise to further suffering.

In addition, some people have had unusual, one-off incidents or traumas, which literally now shape their present time reality and functioning, often in a negative way. Whatever wounds or damage has occurred to ourself on our life journey thus far, starts to manifest in ourselves, our relationships and manifesting of success, wealth and happiness.

If aspects of our lives no longer serve us, and we cannot shift the pattern or behaviour from our own efforts, then it is time to consider how our lives could benefit from reflection and professional attention and discussion. We all have “blind spots” which we can never get beyond just by using our own will, our own analysis or our own reading self development books.

Each of has an ego that unfortunately “gets in the way” of us being able to be truly objective of our full situation, and we often create a form of self denial about our own painful issues. The benefit of being witnessed and heard by a professional is to open up that private view of the self, our internal dialogue that goes with it, and to bring to bear another perspective.

When we are made conscious to our unconscious dynamics and patterns that often “run us”, we go from being unaware victims to being self aware and empowered adults.  The interactions and open dialogue brings a new paradigm to our usual ways of thinking which, in turn, often opens new ways of looking at ourselves, our life story, our histories and our present situations.

We start to appreciate the essential link between the body and the mind we gain control and avenues of dialogue between our body and mind which promote health in each. We come to see how our embodied pains and illnesses often come from an unresolved emotional (psychosomatic) or mental (psychogenic) issue within ourself. We start to seek wellness and no longer accept illness, or buy into the idea that absence of illness denotes wellness.

We learn that there is a quantum or energetic dimension to ourself, and that this energetic system not only plays a part in the regulation of the body and the mind, but that on its own terms is an essential aspect of our subtle self. We learn how this energetic aspect of self plays a part in ourself, our relationships, and our interdependent relationship with the universe, or the “oneness” that is used in spiritual discourse.

We see how our emotions (Energy in MOTION) often have been conditioned out of us due to our parents, or their painful affect on us, but how their suppression and repression leads to potentially numerous body mind neurotic and psychotic outcomes over time.

Within the container of ourself that is the body, energy and mind, we look closely at our most pressing issues and define how they manifest in the body, the mind, and our energy system, and ascertain the similarities and patterns over our histories that this example really represents. .

We act on the crisis where that exists, and to prevent any looming crisis manifesting. We seek lasting healing by looking at causes, origins and roots, but offer coping and compensation mechanisms where the issue will take some time to truly find cessation across the body mind reality of our client.

We honour where a person has evolved thus far under their own will and wisdom, and with any previous therapy or self development, and strive to remove the self limitations and evolve to a new level of self actualisation, health and happiness.

Body Mind Psychotherapy and counselling are not one-off events but are intended to be a longer term developmental process.  You are the owner of your life and its journey, and we believe that its part of every person’s life task to evolve all aspects of oneself in the time we have in this life.

Experience teaches us that to have a professional person assisting in helping one identify and remove the “bumps” in life’s road, can accelerate that journey and progress beyond that one can hope to make alone. We advocate that you take ownership for what you manifest in your life and encourage you to not lapse into the victim state for too long lest you learn to live from this powerless place.

We offer a partnership where there are clear boundaries and responsibilities that each of us agrees to keep. We engage in a process and a partnership that examines our experience in depth and detail resulting in new insights and understandings regarding our part in things.

Our aim is to learn from our past mistakes and not to repeat them.  We are able to face our pain and disowned aspects of ourself from the support of a professional relationship that deepens over time opens new choices and possibilities and promotes growth at a personal level.

We offer a “toolkit” of techniques, processes and frameworks to sift one’s life and experiences through. We add to this “toolkit” over time as we grow in our own experience and are keen absorbers of the latest information springing from body mind sciences, psychotherapy, neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics and other sources.

We see you as the individual person you are, and delight in your personal differences and the nuances of what makes each of us a unique identity.  As a developmental process, our Body Mind Psychotherapy and Counselling is situational and tailored to suit each person in their own ways and according to their own needs.

Our “toolkit” approach, coupled with a lack of attachment to any one ideology or approach, ensures that we fit in around you, instead of trying to fit you in to a pre-conceived template or theoretical framework.


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