Sally McKay

Sally McKay

Sally McKay, Doula, Perth West Australia

Tel: 0418 180 818

Sally is a mother of two lively and lovely boys. It was through her positive experiences of having a doula at her births and how well her doula supported Sally and her husband that she decided to train as a doula so she could help women to have a beautiful experience.

Sally is now a doula, doula trainer for Australian Doulas and child birth educator. She is also a trainee Birthing From Within Mentor.

Since training as a doula in 2008 and working closely with many couples it has become more and more evident that the father’s role at birth and postnatally is lacking the support and recognition it deserves. Men are expected to attend the birth yet are unprepared for such an event. Not only that but traditional prenatal classes don’t acknowledge the fathers role and how they can have a positive influence on the birth and support their partner well.

For these reasons, Sally Mckay, and her doula colleague Cath Cook, have developed DadSkills – Online Childbirth Classes for Men.  The classes run through a series of short videos that show dads-to-be how to cope with the intensity of labour, how support their partner at home, at the hospital, things to think about before labour, and things to think about for after the baby is born. Through their short FAQ videos, DadSkills also covers all the questions dads have but don’t ask.

As well as the online antenatal classes, the DadSkills website has a regular Dadskills Blog and provides links to helpful resources for pregnancy and early parenthood.  DadSkills can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Check our Doula Services page for more information.

QualificationsBachelor of Science (Nursing) Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia (1995)Australian Doulas Certified


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