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Process Group – Incorporating Psychotherapy and Counselling

The Process Group is a fortnightly commitment for an individual to come together and work within a group context of no more than 8 persons for 2 hours on your own individual process.  Group work has two main levels.

One works with and elevates the energy level, while the other increases consciousness. Groups give the opportunity to see how we affect others, to experiment with new behaviour, and to get feedback on our behaviour.

One of the great aspects of the group is to normalise our experiences. We find out that others share parts of ourselves that we have feared and felt shamed around. The group at some stage represents the ‘family of origin’ system for each member, which can trigger infantile feelings towards each other and to the leader.

The purpose of the leader is to bring each client into awareness by confronting particular behaviours. When the group matures and becomes cohesive, there is an increase in morale, mutual trust, and revealing of thoughts and feelings. The main tasks of the therapy group are:

  • self-disclosure
  • honesty about feelings
  • non-defensiveness
  • interest in and acceptance of others
  • support of the group and personal improvement.

The process group is based on Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ and involves a combination of movement, expression, sharing, and emotional release.  There are physical exercises to open muscular blocks that limit consciousness, feeling and life force.  Each attendee will not always do an individual process every night, but will be expected to support others.  Often it is when we are supporting others, that we gain our biggest insights into our own process.  In the secure environment of a Process Group, old patterns of negativity that limit consciousness are challenged, enabling you to live an authentic life of fulfilment, meaning and connection.

Since our issues can originate from difficulties in our personal relationships, the process group offers an opportunity to provide connection with others and examine the issues at a deep level.  Process Groups are driven by group need and group dynamics which assist and accelerate individual process but do not replace it.   As the group matures and becomes cohesive, there is an increase in morale, mutual trust, and revealing of thoughts and feelings.  The main tasks of Process Group Therapy are  self-disclosure, honesty about feelings, non-defensiveness, interest  in and acceptance of others, support of the group and personal improvement.

Most ongoing process groups meet fortnightly for a couple of hours.  Prior experience in individual therapy is highly recommended but not compulsory.  Most group members would benefit from having individual sessions with their therapist at least monthly.  You are financially responsible for any missed groups.

To join a group, you will need to make contact with the group leader.  If you have not met them before, you will need an interview to assess eligibility.  In some instances there is a waiting period to come into a group.  Initially, you will need to commit to attending a set number of consecutive group sessions.  While you are settling into the group you will have a chance to bring any feelings or concerns that are elicited from the group, back to the group.

The group spends the first 30 minutes becoming grounded in present time via various body awareness exercises and energy charging and discharging movements. The group must be grounded to create a safe container for the individual therapy pieces.  The next 2 hours is spent checking in with attendees, working voluntarily on individual process, working at the dyad, triad and group level where appropriate. There is actual processing, some reflective work, discussion and psycho-education.

The sessions start at 6.30pm on a Wednesday, and finish at 9pm. Attendance is $75 each session and non-attendance is still paid for.

The group meets for a 3 month period and then ceases before reforming as a new group again 4 to 8 weeks later. Enrolment must be confirmed and is not automatically rolled over from one group to the next.

Our Process Groups take place primarily in Perth, Western Australia WA.  Please contact us if you require additional information about Process Groups taking place soon.


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