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Body Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

At the Energetics Institute, we offer Psychotherapy & Counselling services for people experiencing personal, relationship, marriage and work related difficulties in Perth, Western Australia WA, Sydney, New South Wales NSW and Melbourne Victoria VIC. We offer a wholistic approach to clients where the focus is on the inter-relationship between mind, body and emotions. Our objective is to enable clients develop greater self awareness and strengthen their capacity to resolve emotional, personal and relationship issues. The Energetics Institute uses techniques related to the science and principles of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ (IBMP). Our Personal Development and Personal Growth techniques support anyone wanting to improve the quality of their life.

Difference Between Psychotherapy and Counselling

Sometimes the outside intervention of a skilled therapist is needed to provide an objective lens on your presenting issues and current life situation. Counselling or Psychotherapy is a process by which a skilled, compassionate practitioner offers a non-judgmental confidential environment where the current impact and the possible underlying causes of the presenting issues are explored. Possible solutions to alleviate the effects are specifically tailored for the client. A framework is provided to enable the client to effectively disengage from old habitual patterns and create a new reality. The client is equipped with a more conscious understanding around different aspects of the problem.

The goal of many modern individual and group therapies is to establish a central relationship of trust in which the client or patient can feel free to express personal thoughts and emotions and thus gain insight into his condition and generally share in the healing power of words. Counselling and Psychotherapy work at considerable depth, the difference between them is on the extent of change. Counselling is generally a short term treatment which involves providing guidance or advice as to a decision or course of action. Psychotherapy involves getting to the root of the problem in the personality and generally involves more frequent and longer term treatment.

Difference Between Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy (IBMP) and Traditional Psychotherapy

Traditional Psychotherapy generally works with the conscious mind using conventional talk therapy methods, and provides techniques to alleviate certain complaints with the conscious control of the mind. However, we cannot heal our emotions or our body just by talking.

Traditional forms of counselling and psychotherapy are more left brain conscious directed therapies and underestimate the unconscious power of the right brain. Our system of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ (IBMP) focuses on working with the right and left brain systems in unison, with particular focus on optimising how the right brain works. Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy augments and enriches the talk therapy approach, rather than replaces it, and provides a comprehensive treatment solution to addressing issues wholistically, integrating body, mind and emotions.

The main premise of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is that the body is the subconscious mind. Therefore the bodily structure including aspects such as weight distribution, posture, muscle turgor, skin texture and other aspects can provide insight into a person’s underlying unconscious and early family dynamics that constitute his current emotional, physical and mental states. Specifically, certain muscle tensions in the body may be defensive responses to events that happened earlier in life, and the bodily tissues may store and remember physical and emotional stress. The function of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is to safely release and discharge those withheld energies and emotions so that the nervous system comes back into balance and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are re-aligned, thereby restoring the person’s energy and health.

Recent neuroscience research proves that the body is directly and interactively involved in a person’s psychological life. So body and mind cannot be treated as two discrete and independently functioning entities. Although our conscious brain stores some memory, the deeper, older messages are stored in the subconscious mind and the body. Our emotions and sensations appear first in the body, and only then are noticed by the conscious mind. Therefore, the emotional connection is central and thinking and feeling cannot be separated. A process of integration, involving the emotions, needs to happen and Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy can facilitate this. The left brain is associated with thinking and cognitive based processes, where as the right brain is associated with emotion based sensations. The right brain receives information from the autonomic nervous system (ANS) about certain experiences. The body sensations and feelings will eventually be verbally communicated and put into a meaningful context which activates the left brain. Putting into words what is experienced in the body integrates the two brain hemispheres, supporting deep, long lasting benefits and healing, thereby strongly supporting one’s personal development and personal growth.


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