Our Psychotherapy Team

Energetics Institute psychotherapists are very well trained in Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ .  Those currently seeing clients in Australia have at least four years of training.  Our therapists and facilitators come from backgrounds that require that they were personally required to complete many hours of therapy both privately and in group dynamics including retreats, trainings, process groups and workshops.  Their ongoing requirements for supervision and an ethical commitment to their own personal development is essential.  Currently our psychotherapists are working in Perth Western Australia WA, Sydney New South Wales NSW and Melbourne Victoria VIC.  Click on the links below for Therapist Profiles and Contact Details.

Richard Boyd Helena Boyd Leslee Hughes Tina Carthian
Richard Boyd
Perth (WA)
Helena Boyd
Perth (WA)
Leslee Hughes
Sydney (NSW)
Tessa Ipp
Sydney (NSW)
Tina Clearwater
Melbourne (VIC)



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