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Therapy Retreats – Incorporating Psychotherapy and Counselling

A retreat provides you with an opportunity to solidly focus and heal specific issues which are causing difficulty in your life.  The retreat enables you to reclaim your happiness and free yourself of patterns, issues and beliefs that no longer serve you.  It helps you to improve the quality of your health, energy levels, happiness and wellbeing, your relationships and family connections.  Attending a retreat can provide benefit in treating and healing a range of conditions including those listed on our Private Therapy page.

The retreat facilitator is a qualified Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapist who is very experienced at working with people in one-on-one and group therapy settings. Over 2 days and with the safe guidance of the facilitator and the support of the group, you will experience deep healing from the principles and practices of our system of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™. The duration of the retreat, the presence of an experienced therapist and the support of the group, allow the biophysical work to be deep enough to reveal and dissolve defences to get at the core issues impacting you.

The group provides a safe space for you to be open and be vulnerable about yourself, your concerns and struggles. At the start of the retreat, the whole group makes commitments about safety, confidentiality, support, listening, presence, punctuality, focus, persistence and truthfulness in a non-judgemental environment.  Each attendee is guaranteed to have an individual process guided by the facilitator.  The safety of the group is initially developed as everyone shares what he or she wishes to work on and explores the issues that may be holding them back.  This helps to refine each person’s intention for the weekend.  Then every attendee has an opportunity to have an individual process with the facilitator, which is witnessed and supported by the group. The facilitator personally tailors your process to where you truly are at that time in your life.

Attending a retreat enables you to recover from the trauma, embodied thinking and beliefs that bring on and reinforce certain debilitating conditions. It serves to heal the causes of suffering in your life, and disable your own sabotaging patterns and issues.  You get an opportunity to learn certain techniques to maintain body mind centredness, presence and groundedness, so you can face life without distortions or stress.  You will gain inner strength, confidence and emotional resilience.  You will feel more alive, receptive and embodied, and your life and energy levels will expand.

Certain issues may have layers and each retreat offers you an opportunity to heal the issue from a deeper level and different aspect. You will be guided by the facilitator and supported by the group in a way that honours you. Many people report life changing experiences by healing negative patterns, abuse and trauma issues with which other processes have had limited success.

Attending a retreat is an unforgettable experience and can represent a big step ones healing journey.  Where appropriate, the facilitator can provide ongoing support for your long-term integration and emotional well being.

A Body Mind Retreat may also be referred to as a Core Energetics Retreat.  Our Body Mind Retreats take place primarily in Perth, Western Australia WA.  Please contact us if you require additional information about retreats taking place soon.


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