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Richard Boyd – Psychotherapist

Richard Boyd

Richard Boyd

Director & Body Mind Psychotherapist

Perth Western Australia

 Tel: 0407 577 793
Skype: richardhelenaboyd
Email: r.boyd@energeticsinstitute.com.au

Richard is an experienced fully qualified Body Mind Psychotherapist (Somatic Psychotherapist) who has both a private practice and a Corporate practice in Perth, Western Australia.  Richard is the Director of Energetics Institute and Conscious Business Australia in Perth, Western Australia.  He works with individuals, couples and groups and offers a discreet, supportive counselling, coaching and psychotherapy service from Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia. He offers a one on one therapy session that is grounded in Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™.

He also works onsite in organisations, as well as phone, skype and email counselling for remotely situated clients.  He is an inspirational and insightful speaker on topics related to Body Mind Psychology and Conscious Business.

Richard embraces his skills as a Jungian Dream Analyst, Counsellor, Sensorimotor Trauma Psychotherapist, Organisational and Family Constellations Facilitator, Executive and Life Skills Coach and Mentor.

Richard takes a compassionate, holistic approach to understanding and assisting clients with their personal challenges and provides a safe, non-judgemental environment that assists them to reach their full potential.  Richard has evolved the Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ approach to healing trauma, grief, abuse, anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illness, and their symptoms such as panic attacks and insomnia.

He counsels and promotes wellness and does not just treat illness, but also seeks to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives.  Richard brings a strong vein of his own spiritual realisations into his sensitivity, and view of his clients suffering, and the transformative power of emotions, relationships and love.

Richard operates holistically with his clients to achieve long-term healing.  Apart from “talk therapy”, where required, Richard will employ specific body inclusive, psychodynamic expressions and techniques to release emotional and muscular blocks and areas where the body holds trauma, stress, anger, depression and anxiety. Richard sees Sensorimotor and Body Psychotherapy as a powerful tool of transformation that is part of his healers “toolkit”.

Richard’s toolkit also encompasses psychotherapeutic and cognitive techniques such as Voice Dialogue, Regression, Inner Child Work, Jungian Dream Analysis, Hakomi, Buddhist Psychology, as well as Coaching, Constellations, and reflective absorption of current quantum physics and biomedical knowledge.  He uses Extended DISC personality profiling tools to baseline clients in coaching situations.

Richard is married to Helena Boyd and they have been in a loving and committed relationship together for nearly 20 years and have a lovely daughter.

In the last 25 years Richard has carved out a highly successful career in corporate business life in Perth Western Australia, having worked in the fields of business strategy, marketing and I.T., and worked and consulted with a range of organisations across Financial Services, Government, Mining, and I.T. Services sectors.

Richard has more recently expanded his consulting services to Life and Executive Skills coaching and mentoring, leadership practices and emotional intelligence training and coaching for the executive in the workplace, dealing with transference in team environments and managing change in organisational processes via Business Process Re-engineering. Richard is a full member of AIM (Australian Institute of Management) in Perth, Western Australia.

Richard is also the CEO and Founder of Conscious Business Australia which offers an innovating and thought leading consulting service for new entrepreneurs, existing business in decline or those who are seeking to update, re-engineer or deal with systemic problems within systems, processes, people or products.

In the field of spiritual development, Richard was first introduced to spiritual life by growing up on a sheep station in the Murchison area of WA. He was befriended by the local aboriginal “Gudicha man” or spiritual enforcer of the Budimia people, who lived and worked on the sheep station, and who educated Richard in the ways of the local aboriginal spiritual healing and right-living paths.

After receiving a Catholic higher education, and whilst forging a successful career in Corporate and I.T. Consulting, Richard has spent the last 30 years also immersed in the ways of numerous healing modalities and spiritual paths, uncovering the “common ground” on which these paths lie, and deepening his own spiritual path which is based on New Kadampa Tibetan Buddhism as well as working with the Catholic mystical tradition of “The Great Cloud of Unknowing”, and the “Dark Night of the Soul”.

Richard brings hope and infuses clients with his warmth and enthusiasm for all that he undertakes. His clinical and course work is recognised as providing a safe and loving environment in which to explore deep and sensitive issues and his compassion and wisdom for his client’s dilemmas is testament to his conviction to his work and to his spiritual path. Richard can relate to all walks of life, having worked with clients from backgrounds as diverse as teenage homeless to Executives and CEO’s of Corporate life.

Richard is an active researcher and author of articles, blogs and contributions to forums about Body Mind, healing  and spiritual issues.  Richard has designed and built 2 websites for reaching the public with this information.


Extended DISC Personality Profile Tool Accreditation, PeopleRich (2011)

Training for the Treatment of Trauma (Level 1), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (2011)

Executive Coaching Certificate (Level 1), Australian Institute of Executive Coaching (2008)

International Convention & Training of Organisational Constellations, Amsterdam, Holland (2006)

Advanced Diploma Core Energetics, Core Energetics Australia (2006)

Diploma Core Energetics, Core Energetics Australia (2005)

Certificate IV: Assessment & Workplace Training, Western Australia (2003)

Certificate Transpersonal Counselling, Recovery West (1997)

Enneagram Personality System (Levels 1, 2 & 3) (1996)

Masters of Business Administration, Curtin University, Western Australia (1996)

Post Graduate Diploma Business Commerce, Curtin University, Western Australia (1994)

Bachelor of Business (Information Technology), Curtin University, Western Australia (1984)

Member Australian Institute of Management (AFIM), WA Chapter

Member (Full Honours) of the Institute of Mind and Behavioural Sciences Inc


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