September 2013 Newsletter

In the next few weeks we are running the following events - (click on the green wording for more detailed information on related website pages.)

Trauma Workshop

Saturday October 5

Psychology of Wealth Workshop

Sunday October 6

Overcoming Addictions & Compulsions Workshop

Sunday October 27

Family Constellation Workshop

Sunday November 3

Body Mind Health Retreat at Maitraya in Albany

Saturday & Sunday Nov 9 & 10

Please feel free to contact us if you require more details or book into any events.  

Love is the Drug - The Link Between Love, Oxytocin and Mental Health Issues

compassionIf you ask the average person about emotions and feelings they will typically tell you that they exist in the realm of thought, perhaps energy, but rarely of a chemical or embodied basis.  One of the important advances in neurobiology has been the effects of the natural substance we call Oxytocin and its role in birth on subsequent attachment bonding in humans. In fact this curious substance is increasingly being shown to play a key role in the formation of social bonds, and that mysterious emotion we call love. There are many forms of love and the word is abused in our society as it is used without meaning or purpose. One aspect of love that can be stated is that love involves the creation and sustaining of a bonding between a person or sentient being and either another person, sentient being, or inanimate object. Some people love their spouse or parent, some people love their dog more than their spouse or parent, and some people love their Holden car more than their dog, their spouse and their parents!! Love takes many forms and combinations but the bonding is a universal principle behind how humans engage with other inanimate and animate objects in love and attachment. It is felt most both in the presence of, and the absence of whatever object or person we are bonded to. Oxytocin, which is now known as the ‘love hormone’, is recognised to promote feelings of love, social bonding and well-being. It is produced when we hug, touch, kiss or caress, and this hormone is also produced during sex, breast feeding, and other positive social settings and interactions. Some people have impaired Oxytocin production. There may be a link between this factor and  those people who cannot love nor bond with others or even objects. Evolution evolved this process within us to promote reproduction through sexuality and so there is a linkage between love and sexuality in those forms of love that are about sexual love. To find out more, click the following link to read my new article titled Love is the Drug - The Link Between Love, Oxytocin and Mental Health Issues

Psychology of Wealth Creation

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has published data that over 80% of all businesses will fail within the first 5 years of startup.  At the same time they also estimate that the wealth creation strategies of the populace will leave many at retirement near poverty in terms of only having retirement incomes of about $30,000 per annum. The reasons for this are numerous but the biggest single factor in failed businesses and wealth creation is often found to centre around the mindset of owners. Our traditional education system as well as inherited forms of out of date advice are partly to blame but deeper unconscious beliefs and motives often decide the fate of business and wealth for many. In response to this problem Richard and Wealth Creation 888 have teamed up to present a special one day event titled Psychology of Wealth on Sunday October 6 which explores and explains the reasons and drivers behind this phenomenon, and to then offer a system for the average person to adopt which will create the foundations for success in wealth creation and business mindset moving forward. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Upcoming Events in October & November 2013

In coming months we are running or collaborating in the running of some key events...
  1. On Saturday October 5 Richard will run a workshop titled Trauma & Trauma Based Personalities.  This experiential & educational workshop addresses the issues around trauma and how to approach the stabilisation and coping with shame without medication.  He will also examine how trauma can shape family systems and how it often becomes an inter-generational issue.
  2. On Sunday October 6 Richard and Karen Giglia, Managing Director of WealthCreation888 will run a workshop titled Psychology of Wealth.  We will explore the origins and issues of poverty consciousness and sabotaging behaviours that shape our outcomes and reality. We will look at how to overcome your unconscious blocks to success and introduce you to a sustainable system of wealth creation that you can use in your life.
  3. On Saturday October 27 Richard will run a workshop titled Overcoming Addictions and Compulsions.  This workshop explores the origins and functions of addictions and compulsions and how to work with neuroplasticity to start the process of regaining control of one’s free will. We also examine how each can affect family systems and how they can become an intergenerational issue.
  4. On Sunday November 3 Richard will run a workshop titled Family Constellations.  This workshop explores the theory and the practice of Family Constellations and how the subtle unconscious patterns have a key influence on individual conscience and psychology.  We also will setup and experientially run a Family Constellation and demonstrate how the subtle energy field can be entered and detected and then “untangled” in terms of unresolved family issues and old unprocessed traumas and misdeeds.
  5. On November 9 & 10 Richard will co-host with Dr Joe Kosterich a 1.5 day Body Mind Health Retreat at the 5 star Maitraya Luxury Retreat just outside Albany. This is a great chance to down tools and spend a weekend on our wonderful pristine coastline having an experiential and educational break.  We want to cut though all the hype out there on the internet and give some clarity and key tips to take away from this collaborative event. Dr Joe is a well known health identity with regular segments in the television media, on PerthNow and other media websites, as well as having his own blogs and social media activities.  Attendees can stay at Maitraya for one night (Saturday 14) as part of the event. You can choose to stay either onsite or offsite either side of the event as Maitraya is an experience not to be missed!
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to enquire or book into any of our events. Enjoy your month! Richard Boyd Director, Energetics Institute

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