September 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter


Hi everyone,

The press recently fired up around claims by celebrity chef Peter Evans or “Paleo Pete” as he is often referred, concerning statements attributed to him on social media that dairy foods remove calcium from human bones.  This claim alarmed the medical community and drew criticism of Peter that he was influencing a large audience of his fans towards extreme and distorted thinking in relation to dairy foods via his Paleo Diet philosophy.

The origins of this new wave of dieting philosophies based on a purist approach to foods and lifestyle can often be traced to an underlying ethos of perfectionism. One of the biggest issues in our digitally washed society is the curse of perfectionism.

All our advertising is dominated by perfectionistic images that are designed to expose a gap between who you are now and where the promoter’s product, service or experience will take you. The new nirvana is available for a price.

This month we look at how the power of social media perception drives the successful promotion and acceptance of extreme dieting lifestyles, and as an extension of the body beautiful creates the obsessive drive of perfection to get all things just so and right is what we eat.

This belief system has created an industry of diets and perfect eating theories and their resultant lifestyle level eating rituals. However it has created physical, mental and emotional health issues for many who are already struggling with perfectionism as an issue in their life.

Click this link to read our new article: Clean, Extreme and a Nightmarish Dream - The Rise of Extreme Dieting Regimes and the Perfectionism Movement


Come to a charity fundraising quiz night/auction that we are personally hosting and running and make a difference to 2 small non-government funded charities. On October 15 the Energetics Institute in conjunction with Conscious Business Australia, and District 32, and others, are putting on our key annual initiative to give back into the community via fundraising for 2 small worthy charities.

The first charity is Autism West who are a great organisation making a difference in the lives of children and young adults suffering from Autism Spectrum disorders.  They are doing the heavy lifting with affected sufferers and their families in our community.

The second charity is Radio Lollipop who function to support children in our major hospitals having a positive experience via fun and support, which we know stimulates their immune system and assists the healing process while in hospital. Again this charity assists both sufferers and their families in the important work they do.

We have some fantastic prizes including food and wine experiences for up to 10 people, books, accommodation, and the auction includes rare Beatles memorabilia, Perth Glory merchandise, paintings by the Perth Zoo elephant!!  and other serious artists, some framed items of esoteric nature, antique or collectable items and a big box of childrens DVDs, plus heaps more!!

You can join a table of 10 or book your own table of 10 online to attend on the Saturday night October 15 at the Osborne Park Bowling Club.  Simply click this Quiz Night and Auction Fundraiser - October 15 online booking flyer.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to make a booking for private therapy.

Have a great month!

Richard Boyd

Director, Energetics Institute

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