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Stress is a state of body and mind that affects all of us at some stage in life. Your brain prepares you for a threat by creating hyper-arousal to create a quickening of your bodily and mental functions, as well as tensioning of muscles and blood pressure, so in survival mode you can react with speed and take flight or fight the threat.

The stress of modern life is that your work, relationships, finances, time droughts, and demands create overwhelm in your bodymind that triggers a stress response.

In a short burst the stress response will create an energised and optimised bodymind to deal with the task, deadline, challenge or threat as this is its real purpose and application. Stress becomes toxic when it endures and for whatever reason it becomes more or less a constant state in your life, creating a host of negative outcomes in your body and mind.


We offer a Chronic Stress Management Programme in Perth that is needed by a wide demographic of Perth adults and teenagers who are coping with real or imagined events and dynamics that trigger and maintain the stress in a toxic form. We have helped many of clients by teaching them Stress Management in the Workplace in Perth.

Long term stress can lead to significant health issues that include :

  • Hypertension of muscles – Tension in the musculature which tightens shoulders, neck or jaw
  • Chronic Inflammation – various sinus, nose, throat, lung inflammations
  • High Blood Pressure – Increased blood pressure and heart beat levels
  • Mental Health issues – Anxiety, Depression and Trauma activation
  • Burnout – overwhelm and rundown bodymind state
  • Chronic Fatigue – Depletion of resilience and energy
  • Sleep Disorders – Wired brain causing interrupted or shallow sleep
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – due to constant release HPA Axis bio-chemicals and hormones
  • Bruxism – Muscular tension is the jaws, grinding teeth and interrupting sleep
  • GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)– Onset of Chronic Anxiety
  • Depression – Collapse into a shutting down or numbed out inertia


Our Stress Management treatment in Perth can be an effective response to acute or chronic stress as we critically know how to target the triggers and switches within the bodymind that create and sustain stress.

Stress cannot be effectively treated by just talk based counselling or psychology for its basis is in the HPA axis in the brain and bodymind. A two-pronged approach is required which addresses the bodily component and at the same time the mental component to stress and its formation and sustainment.

We seek out firstly at the mental level the beliefs, thinking and mental landscape that either foster the creation of stress, so we can address and end the stress triggers at the emotional and mental level. At this level we teach effective stress opponent tools to create both resilience against stress, and stress disarmament techniques for when you feel triggered at some level with yourself.

At the bodily level we teach you how the HPA Axis works in your body and how to apply the simple bodymind switch to turn it off through a daily routine of bodymind exercises and grounding, plus the targeted application of bodymind connective expressions that break the stressed fight or flight stress holding patterns in the body.

We additionally introduce and teach relevant mindfulness, meditative, contemplative, yogic, and exercise routines that can be done to build health and resilience against toxic or chronic stress.

Be sure to check out Energetics Institute’s Stress Management Techniques page.


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