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We produce a monthly newsletter covering areas of interest for individuals. parents and organisations. Newsletter articles will include BodyMind topics spanning individual consciousness and BodyMind, Family and Organisational level systems, and comment/opinion on wider community issues.  We will also advise of any upcoming events

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It is of community concern that subscriber detailers given to Internet-based product and service providers are often not kept confidential. It is a problem that some unethical internet sites do pass on to third parties the gathered information about their subscribers.

We strictly denounce this highly unsafe, unethical and illegal practice. Please be assured that we will never divulge your subscriber details to any third party.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

We have a good grasp of such issues and have invested in appropriate firewall and security mechanisms and processes to minimise the risk of having our subscriber information revealed or obtained by any unauthorised party.

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