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We offer a comprehensive Trauma Counselling service in Perth. We are trained in Sensorimotor Trauma Resolution and Body Psychotherapy and are able to help you understand what is happening to you and why. We then work to assist and resource you to be conscious to your trauma triggers, disarm them, and be able to stay consciously present to stressful and normal events in your life.

Check out our PTSD page which outlines the Symptoms of Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Trauma is caused when you face an event or a persistently, unsafe or threatening environment which rewires you to be in a state of ever constant, fearful alert. What originally happened in the single or multiple event scenarios was typically a fight-or-flight response to the threat, but it failed and you became overwhelmed.

At this point, your brain was prepared that you might die, but took sensory snapshots of everything happening. You survived but it left an important twofold defensive legacy in place.

The first aspect is that you are still unresolved in your original survival defence state and this “switch” to this mode does not turn off, but remains switched on to fend off further anticipated threats. Secondly, the sensory snapshots are now recorded and held in your brain, as you scan everything in your life, looking for the snapshot images or sensory memories again in present time.

These are what we call trauma triggers, for when your brain gets an approximate hit in scanning the present time world against these images in a “seems like – feels like” manner, you are triggered into a trauma recreation and may replay old trauma images and memories in real time, and even split off and dissociate from your body in an attempt to get safe.


Our Trauma Counselling in Perth can assist in calming your nervous system and belief systems so we can then firstly reduce the severity of, then minimise and cease the typical behaviours and symptoms of trauma.  The course of Trauma Counselling is related to the complexity of both your trauma and the dynamics of your life.

Our Trauma Counselling in Perth works well in conjunction with Sensorimotor Trauma Psychotherapy.  We will explain the trauma to you, show you how trauma is an abnormal reaction to an abnormal event, how your trauma switch is now on, how trauma triggers work, and teach you how to use your adult mind to create a new belief of safety, of being a normal person, and how to contain trauma and remain a witness and be present to it, rather than succumb and be overwhelmed by it.

In your trauma state, all your normal adult learnings and mental states drop away as the old primitive survival state kicks in to just simply survive right now. We will teach you body centric mindfulness techniques to help you feel more grounded and contained.

True cessation of trauma triggers is not achievable via Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or other front brain therapies, as they rely on the stable adult front brain mind to be operating for you to apply their techniques. That brain and their techniques simply do not show up in a trauma recreation or trauma event so are not effective for that reason.  Only a body centric, body sensory approach can stop the trauma process triggering again.

Check out our more in-depth Trauma article which explores the topic of Trauma from a BodyMind Psychotherapy perspective.


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