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Therapy Workshops – Incorporating Psychotherapy and Counselling

We run a range of workshops for both the public and for our clients. The topics cover a range of common issues as well as positive psychology and the teaching of skills and wisdom that one can take into your life without having to do “therapy”.

Our Workshops are both informative and experiential with dynamic themes, connected with health, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.  The workshops we run broadly deal with our ability to heal certain negative aspects of ourselves, and interact with others in loving and effective ways.  Each workshop has a specific theme but is generally effective for multiple life issues.

The facilitator is a qualified Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapist who is very experienced at working with people in one-on-one and group therapy settings.  The workshops are normally 1 or 2 day events, mostly held over weekends.  A significant part of the workshop is educational and normally attendees receive a workshop booklet or handouts.  We run workshops on such themes as Anxiety or Depression, Bodywork Techniques, Relationship issues and how to sustain intimacy and love in adult relationships, etc.

The workshops are an opportunity to free yourself not only from your immediate past but also the ancient past you hold within your body.  Your issues are specifically addressed in the mind, the body, the emotions and the human essence or life energy.

Anyone can attend and no prior therapy experience is needed or assumed. We also can work with you to offer tailored and further trainings based on demand and numbers. These can be tailored and delivered for specific audiences, workplaces and/or locations.

For those who work on themselves the best way to either understand or work on an issue is to do a deep dive and experientially work through the relevant knowledge and healing processes of that subject area. For that reason we run a range of relevant, comprehensive and balanced workshops and group processing weekends for the public to attend.

Your facilitator will take you on a journey to explore your innermost regions of energy and consciousness.  We work with your bodymind blocks and emotional barriers, to ground you in the present moment, open your creative energy flow and enhance your capacity to love and heal.  You will learn about unconscious causes of your conditions, blind spots, and how to maximise the power of intention and integrate it into your reality.

Where appropriate, the facilitator can provide ongoing support for your long-term integration and emotional wellbeing.

A Body Mind Workshop may also be referred to as a Core Energetics Workshop.  Our Body Mind Workshops take place primarily in Perth, Western Australia WA.  Please contact us if you require additional information about workshops taking place soon.


Want to discuss how the Energetics Institute can help you with your counselling and psychotherapy needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss treatment options so we can assist you further.