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Group Counselling & Therapy

Group Therapy generally complements Private Therapy and vice-versa, providing you with an opportunity to integrate learnings both from the group sessions and individual therapy into your life and relationships.

Groups facilitate deep change and healing.  By being in a group you can fully experience yourself both as an individual and in relationship with others.  In the group energy you will uncover deeper levels of consciousness, feeling and energy.  You will have an opportunity to reveal yourself, express feelings, open muscular blocks that inhibit your life force, take risks and be supported along the way.

Group Therapy provides an opportunity to see our distortions, receive and give support, feel our own blocks to loving, and learn new ways of connecting and relating.  You could also expect to feel improved vitality, energy and deeper capacity for intimacy and commitment.  Groups give the opportunity to see how we affect others, to experiment with new behaviour, and to get feedback on our behaviour.  One of the great aspects of the group is to normalise our experiences.  We find out that others share parts of ourselves that we have feared and felt shamed around.

Group Therapy is invaluable for those seeking an enhanced medium to further their evolutionary journey.  The safe and supportive group environment where all members are committed to expressing truth and working through their issues offers a profound and rewarding opportunity for connection, sharing, and deep and long lasting change.  Members learn and grow not only from their own work but from each others.

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Our Group Events take place primarily in Perth, Western Australia.  Check out our Events Calendar for a full list of events happening this year.  Please contact us if you require additional information about group events taking place soon.


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