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Private Therapy using Counselling & Psychotherapy in Perth

The Energetics Institute provides Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy (Relationship Counselling) and Family Counselling in Perth, Western Australia WA.  We work with men and women at all ages and stages of life.

The purpose of private therapy is to explore issues that you don’t generally talk about with others, such as the hidden truth about your family, your feelings, and yourself.  Each client has unique issues and requirements from therapy.  Perhaps you need help with an imminent crisis causing you concern, or you wish to heal long standing issues in your life, or you want to utilise our body-mind therapy model to deepen and strengthen your spiritual path.  Whatever the reason, we offer a safe and supportive space to facilitate in the resolution of your concerns by exploring anything that you feel is causing disturbance in your life.

Our approach is strongly based on our Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy model.  Some sessions involve purely counselling, and other sessions use some body-mind psychotherapy techniques.  We pay attention to all dimensions of your experience, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in a deeply embodied way.  Our goal is to provide an experience that is enriching and deeply healing, by examining aspects of yourself which may be self-sabotaging and also enabling your strengths and resources.  We treat a range of issues and conditions.

We do not see anyone who has is on hard recreational drugs or has a recent history of strong drug addiction.  We do not see anyone who presents with such conditions as Bipolar Depression, Schizophrenia, Suicidal or Self Harming tendencies or has a history of psychosis.    If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Therapy Session Structure

The initial couple of sessions with you provide the therapist with a thorough understanding of your particular situation, and establish what you are hoping to gain from therapy.  The therapist would discuss and record your presenting problem(s), your case history, covering such as aspects as your early family life (family of origin), work history, medical history, etc.   The therapist would diagnose your life’s issues as they related to your body-mind via observations made of your body structure and your perceived early life history as related to our Reichian Characterology.  The therapist would identify specific blocks in your life from the comparisons made between the historical profile and observations made related to your body structure and posture.

Those initial sessions enable the therapist to formulate a therapy plan with you, where mutual agreement is made on the steps, objectives and goals required from the therapy.  A course of action is negotiated between you and the therapist.

In a typical session, the therapist would ask what has happened since the last session, how you are feeling, and how those emotions show up in your body.  We would show you certain grounding exercises, postures and breathwork which would help centre and ground you more in the present moment.   We place a strong emphasis on paying attention to your body sensations, images or emotions that manifest in the session.


Depending on the client’s presenting issues, a therapist would generally see the client for one hour weekly or bi-weekly and sessions are generally scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  In certain cases, we offer a single session to address a specific issue.  In most cases, we recommend that a new client would book in for a minimum of six sessions.  Some clients get immediate benefit and realisations from attending the first session.  In other cases, it may take a little longer for our body mind psychotherapy techniques to take effect and for the client to feel change and benefit.  After the initial session, you can decide whether you wish to continue or not.  Short term psychotherapy may last only a few months but for more in depth self discovery it is likely to last for a couple of years.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We conduct our practice in a safe, ethical, non-judgemental and respectful manner.  We observe strict confidentiality in line with professional ethical standards set for Psychotherapists and Counsellors in Australia.  In some cases a psychotherapist may breach confidentiality if the therapist knows that the client is a danger to themselves or others (e.g. a threat to suicide, self harm or assault another person).

Cancellation Policy

Therapy sessions generally need to take place on a regular basis, with as little disruption as possible by cancelling and rescheduling.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee at the price of the therapy hour.  This is standard procedure with other Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Australia.   The best case scenario is to reschedule the appointment for some other time that week with the therapist.

Psychotherapy and Counselling sessions are available in Perth, Western Australia WA and Sydney.  For bookings appointments and fees, please see our Psychotherapists page.  Executive coaching and leadership development options are available in our Corporate Energetics website.  Check out our sections on Group Events, Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy for more therapy options.


Want to discuss how the Energetics Institute can help you with your counselling and psychotherapy needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss treatment options so we can assist you further.