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Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy Counselling – (IBMP)

Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy IBMP

Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy™ is an experiential and expressive Somatic (body-based) Psychotherapy which draws on the conventional wisdom of modern psychology and mind-body science.  It is a comprehensive holistic approach to restore wellness and integration to the whole person on all interconnected levels – body mind, emotions and spirit.

Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy addresses the body and the mind as working in unison, with the overall objective of achieving physical and emotional health.  Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is an evolutionary process as well as being a therapy, providing a path to emotional awareness and development, so that one can realise their full potential.  The concept of therapy generally is that it is used to deal with crises, whereas an evolutionary process relates to the journey of life.  Our path of personal growth is designed to support you in opening up to your potential for being more in touch with, and expressing yourself from the authentic core of your being, leading to more contentment, fulfilment, clarity, resilience and personal power in your life.

The Characterological and Body components of Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy are based on the underlying principles of Reichian Character Analysis developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Bioenergetics developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen, and Core Energetics developed by Dr. John Pierrakos.  These 3 modalities are all body-mind therapies which postulate that in childhood, repeated patterns of feelings create specific patterns of muscular tension and weakness in the physical body which relate to trapped emotional memory as adults.  These habitual patterns become largely unconscious as we adopt them and then use them later in life to meet our needs.  Wilhelm Reich, the father of Body Psychotherapy recognised the body had 7 key segments that could each develop muscular blocks that bind energy into the person, resulting in suffering.  We also embrace the philosophy of Gerda Boyesen and her research and practice of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychology.

Our multidimensional approach uses Gestalt Therapies such as Voice Dialogue developed by Dr. Hal  Stone and Dr. Sidra Stone, Family Systems Theory using Systemic Family Constellations developed by Bert Hellinger and Early Attachment theories of Dr. Michael Winkelman.  Our Mind-Body science is based on an understanding of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience principles of Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Louis Cozolino, Dr. Bessel Van De Kolk, the Cellular Biology research of Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and the work of trauma specialist Dr. Pat Ogden.

The psychology aspects are based on the theories of Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Carl Young and modern day consciousness leaders such as Dr. Ken Wilber.  We also use certain aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help clarify certain distorted thought patterns, help reshape a new reality and subdue emotional responses which may not be constructive.

One of the main premises of our modality is that the body is the subconscious mind.  Therefore, a large component of our work involves the safe unblocking and releasing of emotion from the body in order to self-heal both physical and emotional conditions.  The benefits include alignment of the Autonomic Nervous System  (ANS) with the embodied learning states of the limbic brain, release of muscular tension and certain holding patterns in the body, personal empowerment, freedom of expression and expansion of life energy.   We focus on using physical grounding exercises and energetic breathwork to enable the client to live more in present time and have a better sense of being in body.  We have a flexible approach when working with a client and use techniques such as body awareness,  ethical touch, breath, catharsis, verbal analysis, movement and consciousness.

Our blend of Somatic Psychotherapy allows for the use of direct body work and also for the use of respectful touch as and when appropriate, to bring awareness to the breath or body sensations.  The body stores memories which are suppressed through dissociation, related to abuse etc.  Touch can bring aliveness to parts of the body that have been numbed by traumatic experiences.  It can help to reinforce a physical sense of self and restore a sense of embodiment.

Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is not a replacement for medical treatment.  Instead, our objective is to support and augment your healing process.  We work with the medical community on alternative treatment approaches for a number of traditionally challenging medical problems.

We do not promote any religious ideology nor judge those with or without such a belief system.


  • Discover and release emotional toxins
  • Experience emotions in your body, and in turn, how they affect your thoughts
  • Use powerful mental and physical techniques for symptom relief and problem resolution
  • Implement life changes needed to achieve and maintain optimal health
  • Regulation and quietening down of the nervous system even when stressed
  • Development of emotional resilience in times of change and stress


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